Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Royal Diaries.

We have a series of books in our home which are called the royal diaries. I have read only a few of them and my favourite of them all is Isabel of Spain. But perhaps I should elaborate. The royal diaries are diaries written (fictionally of course) about one of the princess of various countries in different time periods. For instance we have Queen Elizabeth the First. I didn't finish her royal diary because I didn't like it very much.
I remember when Mum has some double copies of a few of these books and I wanted to own the double copy of 
Anastasia because I was fascinated by her now after owning her book for ages I still haven't read it all the way through and have been trying unsuccessfully to trade my Anastasia book for Eden's double copy of Isabel which she scored which i really want because Isabel is my favourite as I mentioned above.
The books were are out of print but we have most of them and out of the whole series I've read Catherine:The Great Journey. A diary of Catherine the great before she became the ruler of Russia which is a very good diary though it is a little sad as well. I have read Mary Queen of Scots: Queen without a country. Another which I read which is one of my favourites is Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine. Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine and Eleanor probably all come in second
Mary I felt sorry for. Her Mother couldn't be with her because she was busy in Scotland and I thought that she was a very cool person. Catherine de Medici at the end was so touched. Made me smile.
Eleanor is a nice one to read though I find she's a bit of a flirt. But it's in Medieval times and so yeah, its cool. 
I really, really want to get Kristina which sounds so cool! The Girl King, that is such a cool title. :)
I am not as enthusiastic about the Chinese, Japanese, African, islands, diaries because they have confusing dates and I usually find that very irritating but I was happy to read 
Jahanara because she was interesting it was very different though anyway. 
I tried to read 
Sondok but I got very easily bored with her story. 
Isn't that a delicious collection?
Catherine is one of my most favourite of the favourites! It's sad though how her Mother doesn't really care about her but her royal diary is a very fun one to read. Her mastering the Russian tongue is another of my things I liked about reading her diary. Her future husband seemed very boring though. 
Isabel is my absolute fav! Absolute indeed! Her whole thing with getting betrothed to the wrong guy is so fun to read about and her organising her betrothal to Ferdinand is cool as well. I really like the Archbishop in it as well. He seemed kind of like a nice old Grandfather. It's sad how her brother died. You can tell in her diary that she's Catholic so thumbs up!
I started to read Elizabeth and than stopped, she gave me a bad vibe.
 And seriously she is very irritating. 
Marie Antoinette was good which surprised me. I liked her mother lots though there were some times when I thought something she did wasn't good. The whole French court made me shiver the hygiene and the stupid ceremonies strike me as a waste of time. No wonder the French Revolution came about. 

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  1. I have only read Eleanor. The book disappointed me, it ended suddenly and not the way I would have liked.
    But I suppose its a good story.

  2. @ Thanks Grace for the comment :).
    I think they all finish suddenly because that's just how they were designed and written.

  3. hi i had only the book "ANASTASIA" it is very interesting even though they were assassinated at the end so sad but good :))


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