Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's kind of an annual thing.....

Me as St. Zita, All Saint's Day 2013.
It's kind of an annual thing, as the post points out. But it is also unique in it's own way.
Today I am turning the age of FIFTEEN! Today is my birthday, and the quote is from Tangled when Rapunzel says how it's the 'funny' thing about birthdays.

And it is really funny. This year I've learned a lot of things about being older. I was one of the principal helpers while Mum had to stay with Corbyn in hospital. I had a step up to more responsibility as my two elder siblings at home (Eden and Saxon) got jobs and so weren't here every day, from morning to night. I've struggled with some stuff, been a brides' maid at my brother's wedding. I've struggled with understanding why and how people make wrong choices, people who are even close to me. I have learned the meaning of the word 'loss' as we lost our beautiful little angel.
Me with Eden and Saxon one night when we went shopping with Mum and it took a fair while. :)

And probably with all of this, I have become more mature (I hope so) and more ready to face the evils of the world and to stand up for what is right.
Finally I'm fifteen. I remember when I first joined blogger (4 or so years ago) people were blogging who were fifteen. That was a GINORMOUS number, seriously. And now I'm here. And no I have not changed that much in that space of time. I've gotten older, yes, hopefully more mature, hopefully more gentle and kind. But I still have my teddy bears on my bed. I still say that things are 'awesome' or 'cool' I still blog. I still enjoy being an older sibling. I still get frustrated and annoyed, and yes, I still count down to my birthday. :P
Me and most of my family. :)
At 12:00 pm on Monday, 16th of November 1998 my amazing Mum gave birth to me. I was a middle sized baby in my family. A cute little girl with dark fuzzy hair on my head.
Who knew that when Mum and Dad first held this little cute girl that they were holding their most easily entertained child (seriously I find a lot of things hysterical which other people are just like 'whatever' with)
Who knew that this little girl was only half-way on the kids they would have come 2013

Who knew that this little girl was going to be a bookworm,
Who knew that this little girl was one of their children who hated change so much, who wanted everything to stay the same.
Photo: Pretty accurate. 

For more on Irish awesomeness -

Who knew that this little girl was going to have an Irish temper when it came to be passionate about things,
Who knew that this little girl would adore stories about knights and medieval times,
Who knew that this little girl was going to be the child out of all Mum's and Dad's children who didn't get stressed very easily, except getting ready for mass. I'm quite calm for most other things.
WHO KNEW! Well, God knew, obviously. :P And I want to always try, no matter how old I get to serve him the best I can.

I'm the age of fifteen, half-way to thirty, three more years before I could get married, one year till my golden, sweet sixteenth birthday. Gee I feel old, but I don't. If that makes sense. I feel the same age as I did when I was fourteen, and the number fifteen is going to take some getting used to as well.

So to end this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

God Bless


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Dear Vellvin,
    You are a blessing in so many ways and you have grown in lots of ways.
    But you will always be my precious little girl
    Love Mummy

  3. Cheers, and happy birthday then. Sounds like you hadf a very eventful year. And anyione who knows themself well enough to go through their whole life like that had definitely grown up. I feel ashamed reading your posts; like what have I done w/ my life? :D

  4. Happy Birthday! May you enjoy many more.

  5. @Mummy, and I will always like that way. <3

    @JT, thanks! :) Well, I don't know about that. There are a lot of things that I didn't accomplish this year. :)

    @Benjamin, thank you! I had a great day! :)

    God Bless,


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