Thursday, 7 November 2013

Robin Hood Vs. King Arthur. Robin Hood Week.

A question that I will invariably ask people when we are talking old legends or medieval is this. Who do you like better, Robin Hood or King Arthur? Not just the people themselves, but their stories, their characters and places as well. :)

Okay, well obviously I've read and know a lot more about Robin Hood. I have read probably only one series of King Arthur books all the way through, these being my Squire Tales, others I have skip-read or flicked to different stories in it but not read all of it.
Now, me, I'm a Hoodie (Robin Hood all the way!) but maybe the main difference with the King Arthur legends and the Robin Hood legends is this: The Arthurian Legends don't always focus on King Arthur, they sometimes go and follow the adventures of one of his knights, or maybe him, but it is not always definite.
Love this.
Robin Hood on the other hand is in every single story! He is the main character of every one. But the other difference for me is this: Robin was just a simple guy with a passion for helping the less fortunate and a rather good shot with his bow. :) King Arthur was a King who spent a lot of time giving counsel to his knights after he became king and stayed basically at Camelot his whole life. Kind of boring. The other thing is that King Arthur has the influence as a King and a monarch whereas Robin Hood, he's nothing special, he's an outlawed man but he fights injustice, and by doing so, he risks his own capture and execution. King Arthur and Robin Hood are the same in some ways, but they're different as well. And I think I will always like Robin Hood better than King Arthur, not just the characters, but the stories, the legends.

And I think the idea of living in the Green Wood, fighting the Sheriff's men sounds pretty cool. Being a knight would be good as well, but I'd prefer the former.
And I think I always will.
What about you?

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