Sunday, 3 November 2013

Robin Hood Week: The Tag

So I AM a bit late but I wanted to participate in Eva's 'Robin Hood week' over at Ramblings of a Janeite.
To start it off here is the Robin Hood tag! :D

How where you introduced to the story/character of Robin Hood? Robin Hood has always been a part of my life. We had a story tape of Robin Hood (the original stories) which we would listen to in our cassette player and I loved it. My other introduction was when I was even littler than that and we bought the cartoon Disney Robin Hood. It became my favourite cartoon and I watched it all the time. But Robin Hood has just basically been around always. :) What's your favorite book or film adaption of Robin Hood?
I've seen a few adaptions of Robin Hood on film. The Adventures of Robin Hood which we basically watched with a commentary of criticism throughout (yeah we do that when we don't like a movie :) ) the most weird thing was that Robin was wearing tights with sequins, I mean sooooo medieval England, right? :P As I mentioned before I've seen the Disney Robin Hood many, many times, the first half is better than the second half as it gets a bit boring. I sort of watched the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie with Kevin Costner but I closed my eyes whenever the witch was around, and it wasn't that great. I have also seen the BBC Robin Hood and I have got to say that that is the BEST version of all, though I hate it how Marian gets killed, they could've just killed of King Richard, right? It was not as nearly enjoyable in the third series, I did cry when Robin died. :( *sniff* BBC is awesome anyway!I do not have any intention of seeing the Robin Hood: Men in Tights or the 2010 movie, Robin Hood.My favourite book adapation is the Robert Lancelyn Green, though I have read the Howard Pyle one, and a few others.

What's you favorite Robin Hood story or legend? Probably the rescue of Will Scarlet from hanging 
Who's your favorite character? From what version? I love Robin, Marian, Will Scarlet and Little John from the original stories, Robin and Little John and Maid Marian from the cartoon, and ummm, so many characters from BBC Robin Hood. And I'm an Allan defender, just so you know. :P 
Who's your least favorite character? Guy of Gisbourne and the Prioress if we are going from the legends, BBC T.V. show, Isabella (Isasmella as we call her) and Kate. 
What was the last Robin Hood-related thing you watched/read? BBC Robin Hood last night! The last thing I read was (I think) a little bit of my own Robin Hood story: Outlaw 
What is your favorite Robin Hood-related quote? Umm, can't think of any at the moment. 
Oh, I know! 'WE ARE ROBIN HOOD!' 

 How would you rate your obsession with Robin Hood from 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)? 8 I would think!

I had great fun doing this, and adding the pictures,  if you would like to see some more posts on Robin Hood hop over to Eva's blog. 

God Bless

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