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A little bit about my book. Robin Hood Week.

My book as I like to call it is a retelling of Robin Hood. It's called Outlaw, and I must say that I am rather proud of it as well. I am very shy when it comes to sharing things that I have been working on (like stories) because I worry about what people will think and that it is not good enough. Outlaw is a year old this month. It was my YWP NaNoWriMo book 2012. But it has continued to grow. Currently it is 33,000 words, 43 pages and thirteen chapters, which though it might not sound like a lot to some people, is a HUGE amount to me! It is the longest book I've ever written and I am determined to finish it before I move on.
Anyway, today seeing as it is Robin Hood week, AND that I had this post in my drafts, I thought I'd share with you about my book.
Have any of you seen the Looney Tunes short of Daffy Duck as Robin Hood? It's great fun to watch! :D 
The original idea for Outlaw came from something like wanting Robin to have a shocking revelation about something, like his childhood friends were bad guys. Next came the idea that Maid Marian and Will Scarlett were brother and sister, and that Will was a knight. I don't know how much I plotted out for this book, quite a lot actually. :) I spent the first two days of NaNo finishing my outline (which I didn't finish anyway) :P But I had a good outline anyway and so I was happy with it.

My characters:
Robin Hood: Obviously, Robin is in it. He's the main character after all. I didn't notice until a few weeks ago as I was looking over my outline that I'd actually forgotten that Much is suppose to be his younger brother, I'll have to fix that up in a second draft. Robin's a young forester when we meet him, and his father has been dead for a few years, he also being a remarkable and loyal forester. He's a loner among the other young foresters, constantly teased and provoked by them, though he usually ignored them. Then one day it got to much as his main taunter Jan by name, insulted his father. He shot a deer and was outlawed, and he thinks its good he did as he can now help people. Being a forester meant having his hands tied to fight injustice. His best friend is Alan 'A' Dale and it is Alan who teaches him to sword fight. He can't remember Marian's name when he first meets her and refers to her in his head as Lady-something-or-other, he is angry at King Richard for leaving his people and going off to the Holy Land when he should at least have given England a little consideration. He can be sometimes very stupid and reckless, but always contrite when he makes a mistake. He is loyal and though I find myself shaking my head at some of the things he does and writing how he's father would have been disappointed with his actions, I like to write about him anyway.

Maid Marian: Surprisingly I haven't written very much about Marian she was just rescued from Nottingham castle and so yes, not a lot to say about her yet. :)

Alan 'A' Dale: I LOVE to write Alan! He's French (surprise!) and the son of a nobleman who ran away when his father told him that music was not a career for a Count's son. He is very skilled with a sword and is probably the most irritating Merry Men out of them all. He's actually the one who came up with the title! His instrument is a mandola and he can also sing. He and Fredrick often have talking standoffs and Fredrick is the best when it comes to irritating Alan right back! I have started to write a Diary of Alan 'A' Dale, kind of like a prequel to the novel, but I have not gotten very far with it. He is very loyal to Robin and is ready to belt anyone who does anything to his leader. He can be very insulting and is always looking for new words to use for this particular action. Sadly I think I will kill him off. :(

Will Scarlett: Will is actually a knight, but he doesn't like to be. He is very skilled with weapons and is a very protective brother when it comes to his sister, Marian. The two were orphaned when they were still children and were sent to their only living relative a stupid aunt who was not the best when it came to using her head. Though Will actually argued a lot with her. I haven't written as much about Will, either as he comes later on with Marian. He is a year or so older then Robin but looks younger than he actually is.

John Little McBride: Bodyguard to King Richard fiercely loyal to the King. A Scot even so with red beard and hair, and he carries his famous staff with him at all times. He is seasoned in the art of war and is sent back by King Richard to ask for Robin's aid. He won't stand any disloyalty to the king and proves when he grabs Robin with a dagger at his throat and gets him to swear to not act so.

Friar Tuckan: I have not written anything about him yet. He will be the assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury who Robin and his men will kidnap. Not telling why. :) He was raised by the Archbishop a kind man and is loyal to him and does whatever he asks.

My other Merry Men: Fredrick, Robert and Tom. Because of how I've done the I added a few other Merry Men in there isn't very much to say about them at the present.

Guy of Gisbourne: Childhood friend of Robin, now one of Prince John's most ardent followers. Suffice to say that I hate Guy, and that is a good thing.

Angelo, the Sheriff of Nottingham: Also childhood friend of Robin's. Is more a thinking and devious planner that Guy. They don't like each other and think nothing of the friendship that they had shared with Robin befoe they went away to London.

So those are my characters, and Alan is probably my favourite to write, followed by Robin and I'm sure I'll enjoy writing more of Will and Marian as they will become more main.

Now some of my favourite parts that I have written:

'"Frankly it's none of your business." Replied Robin crossly "Now, kindly let me go," "Very well." He withdrew the dagger from Robin's neck and stepped back. The first thing Robin did was drop to the ground and vomit up his last meal.'

 'Quickly he straggled to the bank coughing and spluttering, the stranger on the other hand had quickly passed onto the other bank, where he was howling with laughter and clutching at his sides, looking so merry that Robin would have liked to give him his own dunking. Shut up, he thought morosely, but the man continued to howl and he was grinning all over his face. "Two choices...." he gasped 'leave or answer-" he broke off again in another peal of laughter.'

 '"I suppose," said Alan, "still-" "O for Goodness sake!" Exclaimed Will explosively, "Do you ever be quiet? EVER?" "No!" Chorused the other outlaws together. "What a pity it isn't lent then," he replied, "otherwise we could dress you up as a fat mother Abbess who had taken a vow of silence."'

 'Alan brandished a hand basket filled with flowers and grimaced at the other outlaws gathered around. "Anyone laugh I'll bash their brains out with this," he assured them all with a malicious look on his face.'

'The man sat in a polished wooden chair. It was smooth to the touch and very comfortable, the man did not seem to notice, though. He looked thoroughly annoyed and being a Prince, and having a name like John, were not very good combinations when it came to being thoroughly annoyed. ' - Introducing Prince John. :)

'“Until you tell me what you were doing here in Sherwood I am not going to let you go. And also until I know that you are entirely trustworthy. I’m not going to let you go. So you see, you have no choice.” Robin leaned forward “Did I mention I’m not very patient when it comes to people telling me information?” He looked down at the bow making sure that Alan saw the movement.' -I also forgot to mention that Robin does like to know everything about everyone as well. And he does get impatient. :) 

And this is how I am going to end my book. Robin is NOT going to die! 
So there you have it, a little bit about my book. Outlaw: A Robin Hood story. And I hope you enjoyed reading this post. :) 

God Bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    I think you have done a great job so far.
    It is very interesting to read
    Love you

  2. Dear Mummy,
    Thank you! I hope I have, too.
    Love you <3

  3. This is very promising stuff, though I was surprised by some of your changes. btw, I grew up on the Errol Flynn and Howard Pyle versions. I've not seen any others except the BBC version which I thought was hilariously cheesy and sometimes just bad.Good luck!

  4. Thanks JT! :D
    Yep, well I wanted to make it different and so I did. Mind you my brother suggested a completely different story-line where Robin was Irish and he had this entire plot worked out. But I made my own.
    I've read the Howard Pyle version and seen the Errol Flynn version, which I wasn't overly impressed by though I do like some of his other movies. And I LOVE the BBC show. :P :)

    God Bless,


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