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The Favourtie Movies Tag

Jamie over at Throughtwoblueyes gave me this tag. It's actually James' tag and if you would like to go to the post click here. Check out both their blogs! They are awesome! :)

Great video tribute James, I look forward to the rest!
So anyway, further up and further in!
The Rules:
1: List favorite movies (in any format that you like and the movies do not have to be in order).
2: Post my video tribute (above) somewhere in your post.
3: "Tag" other bloggers (optional)

Middle Earth: I say Middle Earth, because I don't just mean The Lord of the Rings, I also mean the Hobbit. From books to movies these have probably been the most well done. I mean, you go have a look at a lot of other movies based on books and they butchered them! Not so with these movies. Peter Jackson and all the other movie-making people knew what they were doing. These movies, the stories come under the words 'fantastic, amazing' and 'incredible'. No go and imagine if Tolkien hadn't written these books, try and imagine a world without Middle Earth, sounds horrible doesn't it? :P

The Star Wars Saga: I love Star Wars!!! Star Wars! Epicness absolutely! Yeah, and I'm also in the Prequels better than the Originals club, too. Anyone who hasn't seen Star Wars, I take pity on you. You don't know what you are missing, and by the way, it's called a light-saber, and they are pretty awesome. Oh and I Anakin Skywalker is my favourite character! I want a Jedi Starfighter, they really need to start inventing those, that and speeders....... "Luke, I am your Father!" People who haven't seen the saga have no idea why this line is so important, Star Wars fans do. :)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Who doesn't like stories of children who go into a wardrobe and on the other side find a completely different world? One full of centaurs, fauns, and one rather nice lion. Yes, I know Prince Caspian in from book to movie wasn't extremely close, but hey, its Narnia! Lucy has always been the one I'd want to be if we played Narnia games, and we have, she was the best character out of the entire thing! And I like Edmund as well. The battles in the first two are great as well, I love it when in Prince Caspian they unsuccessfully try and capture the castle, another thing with Narnia is it's music! Have you ever heard the battle? It's Epicness at its best, that battle is so cool as well. 'Are you with me?' 'To the death.'
Swords and fighting and faith and awesomeness, that's Narnia. Prince Caspian is my favourite out of the three movies. They really need to get those rights back so they can make more before the actors get too old.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise:
Okay, so no kidding, I watched the first movie when I was eight, yep eight. :) POTC is funny, its a good storyline and great acting. Do not speak to me of the 4th though, that was horrible! The first is the best and I think most fans generally think so as well. but my order goes like this in descending order: one, three, two, and four. The thing with the 4th one was it wasn't very sailing, type thing. They ruined Barbossa and some of the stuff, like Jack escaping from the tree he's tied to just seems extremely realistic. Anyway, moving on. The first movie introduces us to Captain Jack Sparrow, he may not be a good guy in some respects, like his out for his own self gain and the fact that he's a pirate and that sort of thing, but he's a bucket load of fun to watch on screen. He would be one of the most irritating, annoying people in real life! Am I the only one who feels sorry for Norrington? Do we have any Norrington sympathisers? Good cos I'm one of them, too! Elizabeth was so horrible.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe:
The first Marvel movie I watched was Thor, then Captain America and then the Avengers, and then only this year, Iron man's 1,2, and 3. The thing I like about them all is that yes, I know they all save the world type thing, but its the WAYS that we want to see them save the world. They could be the most repetitive movies ever, adn sometimes that is what is seems like with me. Then I watch them and though they all have some cliche bits they are just as good as ever. Loki is the one of the best villains and the Mandarin was good as well. Red Skull was a little creepy and yeah, he had a red skull. Then we have the good guys, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye, Dr. Banner, oh and can we put Pepper Potts in there to? Cos I love Pepper! The best Marvel girl out of the lot! One word of advice with these movies: Get used to the fact that New York city is always under attack, kay?

Boys Town: Boys Town is a very old movie, its black and white and is one of the movies that I love to bits! Its a fictional story based on a true person, Fr. Flanagan the priest in America who opened up Boys Town for all boys, no matter who they were.
This movie is beautiful, its wonderful, anyone else want to be Pee Wee and get chocolate for being good. It's a good, clean story and the things Whitey Marsh does like trying to be all cool and going to the barber shop and putting posters up for him to be mayor are amusing and funny. Boys Town is a great movie to watch anytime, anyplace, it is very, very close to my heart

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Sink me! This is a very good movie! I love this movie. It's set in the French Revolution period. An Englishmen falls in love with a French actress by the name of Marguerite, they are married and Marguerite does not understand why it is he is so distant. While this is happening the daring Scarlet Pimpernel, who always leaves his mark where the heads of the Revolution can see it, is abroad in France saving people from the Guillotine. It is based off two of the books of Baroness Orczy (pronounced or-see) El Dorado and the Scarlet Pimpernel. It has a great start the middle is a bit dull, but its climax is superb! And we don't like Armand, and Percy is the best and he awesome and we like Marguerite as well, and we hate Chuavelin and did I mention he is played by Ian McKlennan? The actor of Gandalf? The rhyme sir Percy makes up is quite catchy 'they seek him here, they seek them...'

The Princess Bride: I've had this movie my entire life! My entire life! It's a family favourite, and you can see why. It has what some people class as 'chessy' or 'stupid' things like Westley being 'only mostly dead' and stuff like that. It's good fun to watch and you can tell if someone has seen the Princess Bride and loves it when you walk up to them and say: "Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die." Humperdank is such a idiot as well. Miracle Max is funny, too. In fact in the study (the room I am typing this) we have a 2013 calendar of the Princess Bride and Miracle Max is the one featured at the moment! Oh and haven't you heard that Australia is entirely inhabited by criminals? And that you should never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line? hahahah! I'm working on building up my own Iocaine Powder immunity and I'm not left-handed! Inigo is the best!

Ever After: This is a retelling of Cinderella set in the Medieval times, its even got Leonardo Da Vinci in it. I could practically quote this movie all day! I want to be one of the gypsies! Danielle tells Henry what she thinks of him and so she speaks her mind. Her opinion of Utopia by Sir. St. Thomas More (Sir. St. kind of cool to write that) is much higher than his, he found it 'sentimental and dull' Marguerite and her mother are the most horrible step sister and step mother, ever. That part where Danielle punches her and she goes right acorss the bed is classic! And anyone who deosn't love Henry's speech at the end, is obviously 'sentimental and dull' unless of course they are a guy which in some cases is allowed.

Getting shorter now because I sort of want to finish this.
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Princess Diaries 1 and 2. I prefer 2 because its got Nicholas in it but these are funny, likeable movies which I would most certainly watch over and over again! They are enjoyable and not too hard on your head like some movies are.

Hornblower: Hornblower is a set of eight movie-length episodes based upon C. S. Foster's books. They are about a young Naval Officer by the name of Horatio Hornblower, they are good, entertaining, nice and historically accurate and Hornblower is a true gentlemen. Archie I prefer of course, but that's beside the point. There are however, one or two skip scenes I think they are both in the sixth episode, the one when Archie dies, *sobs* very heartbroken about that! And Hornblower was the thing that started off my fascination with the British Royal Navy. :)

The Young Victoria: I own this movie and love it! It's the story of Queen Victoria in the early years of her reign, her courtship with Prince Albert and all the things that happened to her. Saxon and I joke that we are Ernest, Albert's older brother who basically looks over Albert's shoulder at his friendship with Victoria and gives him advice. And Albert is awesome! Nuff' said! And we hate Lord Melbourne!

Cars 2: This has got to be one of my favourite animated movies of all time! I know a lot of Pixar fans did not like it very much but I love it, and so does my family. I do not, however, like the first movie, in one word that can be described 'BORING!' this movie is much more entertaining, secret agent cars, and Mater and a more mystery like feel to it that I love!

Kung-Fu Panda 1 & 2: You know those movies where the first one is great and the second is top-notch? That is what KFP 1 and 2 are. They have very good story lines and Po is adorable! The Kung Fu is awesome and everything in it is well done! My hat is off to you, Dreamworks!

How to Train Your Dragon: Lots of people love this movie, including me! Hiccup is funny and Toothless is so cute! The story-line is excellent and fresh and very nice to watch. Watch it twice before you make your final verdict because I remember the first time we watched it we weren't overly impressed, the second time though, we loved it! It has a great blend of funniness and character depth and I am looking forward to the second and third movies! Dreamworks don't let me down!

The Amazing Spiderman: This is a much darker movie than the other Spiderman's and it takes longer to get into but it is good anyway. Andrew Garfield is my preferred Spiderman and Gwen Stacey is soooooooo much better than Mary Jane. I'm a member of the 'I hate Mary Jane, because she is so brainless' club. :D
I've only seen it once all the way through but it was very good, and I am excited to see what the second will have!

So there is some of my favourite movies. Plus, Tangled and most likely a few more which I can't remember at the moment. :)
I would like to tag:
Arda and JT you don't have to do it if you don't want to! :)
NOTE: Hornblower can be both a T.V. show and movie and so yeah anyway, its on here!

God Bless


  1. Thank you very much participating in the tag and posting my video and links! :D

    Can't argue with Middle Earth movies, I love them all! Such a great franchise of books and films, I love those movies so much! :)

    Anyone who has not seen Star Wars should stop whatever they are doing and go buy the movies and watch them right now!!! Love those movies so much!

    With the overall failure of the last Narnia movie at the box office, it would seem that it was the last one that we will see, at least for a while. :/

    The first POTC is the best for sure. I enjoy the sequels to a certain degree, but the first is so much better. Johnny Depp was so funny in the movie!

    Marvel movies are my favorites right after Star Wars and LOTR, especially the Avengers! I love the Avengers movie, and Loki is awesome! :)

    I enjoyed the Princess Bribe a lot more than I thought I would, it was so funny! The "almost dead" scene is probably my favorite and the line I quote the most. :) Inigo Montoya is a cool character, and the duel between him and Westley is a lot of fun!

    HTTYD is another favorite of mine as well, I can't wait for the sequel, it should be great.

    The Amazing Spider is also another one of my favorite movies! I like Gwen a lot, Emma Stone played the character perfectly. :)

    Thanks again for doing the tag and posting my videos! Of the movies I have seen on your list, I like all of them. :D


  2. I like your list! I actually was just watching Cars 2 but it was scratched and we couldn't finish it! Arrg!


  3. Ok, someone's asked me to do it, so I will...Lots of stuff is coming up though, so it might take a while...And my list is sort but it covers practically every movie I've seen.

  4. Update: I've now done the post but it's not appearing on the dashboard. Just go directly to my blog.

  5. @James, that's okay! It was pretty fun. I know, it was so disapoitning how it went at the box office, but if you want to think comparitively, Prince Caspaian did the worse as it dropped from 700 million to 400 million compared to Voyage of the Dawn Treader which grossed about 300 million. :)
    I agree, Princess Bride is so much fun!
    Yep, Emman Stone did an awesome job and so much better, than the girl who played Jane.

    I'm glad you liked them all! :)

    @Jamie, I hate it when something gets scratched! It's so annoying! Hopefully you'll be able to finish it because it's awesome. :)

    @JT, thanks, that's okay. I've seen it and I'm about to comment! :D

    Thanks for commenting! :D :D

    God Bless,

  6. Nice list and post! :D I agree with a lot of them, particularly LotR/The Hobbit and Star Wars, of course! :) Ooh yes, the Princess Diaries was great! I still have to see the second one. The Young Victoris sounds interesting - may have to look into that sometime. Thanks for the tag! I will work on a post for this. :)

  7. Arda, you haven't seen the second Princess Diaries????? Then you most certainly need to see it! The Young Victoria is awesome. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I love it.
    Can't wait to read your post!

    God Bless,

  8. I knowwww! XD I do really want to. Just don't watch a lot of movies so I can be pretty slow in getting to things. Thanks!

  9. I understand, no pressure, just enjoy. :)


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