Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Four Years...

Today besides being my Dad's birthday, there something important that happened.
Today I have had this blog for four years. Technically, I've been blogging for longer than that. Technically I've been blogging for about four years and two months. Because, this isn't my first blog. Nope, that's right.

My first blog is still up and running. But it's my brother's blog now. http://courtlycorners.blogspot.com.au/
You see, I wanted to branch out a little and post other stuff on this blog (back then known as Courtly Corners, and if you want go check out his blog, too.) but it wasn't stuff that Rogan was interested in. So one day I up and asked Mum if she would please help me make a new blog. And she did. My Mum's awesome like that. :) I called it 'An Irish Maiden' my Mum's, Dad is from Ireland and on my Dad's side there is a but of Irish too. I also want to go and visit Ireland one day. But the thing is I don't live in Ireland. I live in Australia.

To date I have 349 blog posts published (this will be the 350th) and 33 drafts 5 of which will probably never be published. I have been around blogger for a while. Some people I remember from the start don't blog anymore, I've met new people, too. And I just want to say,
THANK YOU! To all of you. It makes my day when someone leaves a comment on my blog. Looks at a blog post I did. It makes me feel satisfied. Like I haven't wasted my time.
And yeah

And will continue to love blogging, and continue to blog until I decide otherwise.
Thank you everyone so much!

God Bless


  1. Congrats on four year of great blogging! :D I believe I already follow your blog. :)


  2. Congratulations! You have been blogging longer than I have!! :)


  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! :D Four years and 350 posts, that's awesome! :D I'm really glad to have met you on here and I really enjoy reading your posts. :)
    (and nice Moriarty gif ;))

  4. @James, you do and thank you so much! :)
    @Jamie, thanks, :D
    @Arda thank you soooo much! I'm so glad you like the gif, can't wait for season three! :D And I'm glad I found you on blogger as well. ;)

    God Bless,


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