Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Favourite Saints: Part 3

Part 3 of my Favourite Saints. I am so enjoying doing these!

My Mother. The most beautiful woman in the whole world. 
Our Blessed Mother Mary. Well, we would be a far sight worse off if we didn't have Mary as our Mother I reckon. Mother to our Lord, King and God. She always did what God asked her to do and said 'yes.' Even when it sounded a difficult. She was perfect. God made her perfect! She never ever sinned at all. Not once. Because that was how God made her. So that the womb wherein his son would dwell would be a spotless and perfect one. She is the Mother of God. Jesus dwelt in her womb for nine months. Jesus is God so she's the Mother of God. There are three things that are the most painful for devils, these are,
Catholic Memes
1. The Holy name of Jesus, so if you ever are experiencing a moment of temptation, ask Jesus to help. Say "Satan in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord God and Saviour begone!" Of course it takes courage to say that, but your Guardian Angel is always there to help. :)
2. The Holy Name of Mary. Yep, our Mum can scare away the devil, she is just so awesome! If you need courage, ask her for it. She's not going to say no.
3. The Brown Scapular. The Brown Scapular which our Blessed Mother gave to St. Simon Stock. To be a full member of the Brown Scapular you have to say the Rosary, every single day. My family and I all have brown scapulars, they are usually the only thing I wear around my neck.

I love this song sung about Mary. It's beautiful.
Mary is the best helper we can ever have. She will help us like no other to get to heaven. She's our Mother. She will pray for us, and help us, always. Trust in her because she helps all who ask. Honour because its one of the ten commandments to honour your father and mother. :)

My Gaurdian Angel.
Okay, well my Gaurdian Angel isn't a Saint. He's an Angel. But I thought I'd better say about him anyway.
Whenever you feel the compulsion to do the wrong thing. Ask your Gaurdian Angel for help. That's what he's there for. He's there to get you to heaven. And the best way he can do that, is if you ask him for help.

And so ends part 3.
God Bless


  1. That's a really good saying for temptation - I'll have to remember that. I remember hearing a story once that said when you say the Hail Mary really sincerely, demons can't stand to be in the room! Best Mom ever. :)

  2. That's the power of prayer. Praying the Hail Mary is so easy and so simple, and so powerful. Sometimes we don't believe that it does very much but it actually does. I second the sentence, "Best Mom ever!" :D

    God Bless,


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