Monday, 26 August 2013

My Favourite Saints: Part 1

Okay, so we all have our favourite saints, right? The ones we want to be like, who inspire us, who we ask for help when we are having trouble , who have amazing stories. Those are the saints we like.
So my awesome Mum said that for (school) :) I could do a series of blog posts on my favourite saints.
So here I am. I'm going to start with my patron saints and then move on to other saints who if I could have had tons more patron saints I would have had, or who are just my best friends.

St. Catherine of Siena
St. Catherine of Seina. Back when I first read the St. Catherine of Siena book, I knew that I loved her. She was such an inspiration for me. And the book about her was really small so I can't help it if I chose it. :P But the way she did stuff. How she cut her hair and her mother was outraged! How the Dominicans first thought that she was too weak to become a sister, and she showed them that she had a strong spirit. And she saw Jesus up in the sky when she was very little. She is a Doctor of the Church, a bearer of the stigmata (hers was invisible though, how awesome is that?!)  There is much to like when it comes to St. Catherine of Seina, and if you want help. Ask her, I'm sure she'd be happy to help. BTW. My sister Autumn also has St. Catherine as a patron saint.
Patron Saint of: people ridiculed for their piety, firefighters, miscarriages, sick people, and bodily ills.
NOTE: When I say 'Patron Saint' it means that those are the situations that they are the best as handling or that they are the best at helping with. We don't worship saints, but we do ask them for help, (they are our friends) when we are struggling with something. Just thought I'd point out that.

St. Agnes. She suffered martyrdom under the reign of the Emperor Diocletain, at the age of twelve or thirteen. Her name was given to the authorities by a young man who was slighted by Agnes' resolute devotion to religious purity. The son of the prefect was stuck down and St. Agnes prayed for him to be brought back to life. She was also dragged naked through the streets and there are many versions of the story where God saved her from this humiliation by making her hair grow, so that is covered her body, or that anyone who looked at her was struck down dead by God. She was led out to the stake and it was attempted to be set fire to, but the flames neither touched her, nor hurt her. She was finally either, beheaded, or stabbed in the throat with a  In all icons and pictures of her, you will find a lamb is always in her arms, a sign of her purity. She is patron saint of: Betrothed couples, virgins, Young girls, crops, and a few others.

Since July 2010 these two saints have been my patron saints. I really need to get back to asking for their help more often, though! :)

God Bless


  1. Hey sweetie,
    Awesome Mum here:)
    I love this post and loo forward to visiting with some of yoru other favourite saints soon
    Love Mummy

  2. Mummy, thank you. :) ;)
    I'm so glad you okayed it for me to do for school. :)
    There's about three new ones you need to read, then!

    Love you lots! <3

  3. This is a really cool post idea! I love the story about Agnes and her hair covering herself. Both saints are really great. :D

  4. Arda, Thanks! It just came suddenly into my mind over breakfast one day.
    St. Agnes is a wonderful saint as is St. Catherine of Siena. Such great role models! :D

    God Bless,


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