Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The rules are that you answer the person who tagged you questions, and then make up ten of your own.
This is Monica's
1. How many toes do you have at the moment? Ten.
2. Current state? Warm.
3. How's life? No longer stressed.
4.What kind of person gave you this award? A happy, nice , lovely, friend.
5. What number post is this? 112
6. Is she running out of ideas for her ten questions? No.
7. Most recent birthday? Myffwyn's birthday.
8. Anything above your head? ceiling.
9. What are you typing? words.
10. Is she finally at the last question? Yes *whew*
1. Wishing at the moment? That my brother and Sister would get off the other computer so I can type up my story.
2. Eragon Vs. Narnia? Both!
3. Most recent book you read? Flicked through some of the Rangers Apprentice books.
4. Mood? Bored.
5. Can hear what? A movie the others are watching.
6. Wold like? If people would visit my siblings blogs which are on my side bar to the right.
7.Can't wait for? My Birthday!
8. Want? Books!
9. Writing? My Story and typing it up.
10. Planning? Christmas presents.

For this I tag:
Saxon, Eden, Rogan and Autumn

God Bless

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