Friday, 6 August 2010


This is a tag which Grace has made which anyone is allowed to do.

1.List 10 or more facts about you

2.Make this tag open to anyone

Ok, here are 10 facts about me!

1# One of my fav things to do ion winter is snuggle in my bed at night all nice and warm.
2# I love reading and writing.
3# If we still had a stable trampoline me and my older brother and sister and the younger kids would spend most of our time on it.
4# I love saying the rosary.
5# I love celebrating Christmas and Easter.
6# I am making Christmas presents for everybody already!
7# I am desperat to watch Alice in wonderland.
8# One of my fav subjects for school is History.
9# I want to be a saint.
10# I can be very tired.

Okay so there's ten facts about me now it's your turn. I tag anyone who wants to do it.

God Bless

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