Sunday, 8 August 2010

I got tagged by Aly from The Silent Reverie she made this tag up. And
I think it's a real cool tag.

1. What is your fantasy name?
I don't have one.

2. What would your fantasy novel be about?
Two boys called Ahmik and Barnaby. Their evil uncle Cyrus takes over Impercus and it's up to the two boys and Prince Domingo to save the kingdom of Impercus.

3. If you could have one mystical creature as a pet, what would it be?
A Dragon!

4. Do you believe dragons are good or evil?
It depends some are and siome aren't.

5. Knights and castles or Elves and goblins?
Knights and Castles.

6. What is your favorite myth, and what is the origin?
King Arthur and Robin Hood or is that legend?

7. Would you read Alyson's Asteria stories if they were on her blog again?
Oh Yeah! I love them!

8. Did you read them when they were on her blog?
Yeah, of course I did.

BONUS QUESTION (has nothing to do with fantasy)
9. Are you a Switchfoot fan?
Nope, not at all.


Hello, please do comment won't you.? :)
I enjoy reading every single one, though I might not reply to them very quickly, be assured that I read and enjoyed each one.
God Bless! :)


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