Sunday, 29 August 2010

How to Host a Murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I, Dad, Mum, Kynan, Braedon, Autumn, Eden and Saxon along with Rogan who was watching played Hot To Host A Murder. It was really fun and you really needed to use your brain. Guess who I ended up as................................THE MURDERER!!!!!
Yes, I did!!!! We each had a booklet telling us who we were what we were doing and things about other characters which you had to voice so everyone could discuss them. So at the end of each round we turned the page and found out a little more about us and other people. Anyway here's a rundown of where the murder is and how it took place:

Darlings: The suspense is simply too much to bear. All of Hollywood is gasping for news about Power Film Studios' newest film. Everyone who is anyone knows that it was produced under the strictest security in Building 5 on the Power lot and that production finished over a month ago. The oh-so-aloof Ivonde B. Ahlone graciously consented to appear opposite the incomparable Savoy R. Fayre. One hears as well that Power's new ingenue Heidi co-stars opposite that gorgeous creature, Stu D. Muphin. It is whispered that the movie is based on Hack Ryders latest work about the life and death of Power Film Studios' late lamented star, Mallisa Ann Greede, and that Hack pounded out the screenplay in record time. One assumes that the old pro Seldon U. Lloyd will direct, though that pretty young thing Denise N. Dayer has apparently been hovering about the sets with a look of authority in her eye. Well darlings, wait no longer. The word is out. Power Film Studios has announced the premiere showing of Power and Greede at Power Oriental Gardens Theater this Saturday. Ad-mission is by invitation only and, true to form, Mr. P. issued his invitations with malicious precision. He is revelling, I'm sure, in omitting some of Hollywood's nobility from the guest list. The invitation arrived in a salmon-colored embossed envelope. Cast, director, writer and your humble servant will join Mr. P. for champagne and caviar before the film begins, followed by a magnificent feast prepared by Master Chef Jacques Endibaux. Yummy!

You have received an invitation to the premiere of Power Film Studios' latest release 'Power and Greede'. As an illustrious member of the cast or crew, you are a guest of the producer W. Anton Power. At the gala, guests find out that 1936 is curtains for a mutual friend.  

God Bless  

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  1. Oh my goodness, Vellvin! That's awesome! We play a game called "Mafia". You have to try to guess the murderer, the victim, and the doctor who heals the victim (but the victim only gets healed if someone guesses the doctor). It's really fun. ^_^



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