Friday, 3 January 2014

'Well, surprise me.' 'I'm certainly endeavouring to, Sir.'

Spoilers ahead, for all those who do not want to ruin the surprise. I wouldn't advise reading further unless you've seen it.
Okay, well last night I saw the first episode of Sherlock Season 3: The Empty Hearse.
It was awesome! I really enjoyed it. There were so many laugh-out loud moments. Dad, Mum, Eden, Saxon and I were invariably chuckling and laughing. I'm not quite so sure about Autumn. Thank you so much, though for finding it on-line, Autty! You're awesome. :D

Now, the mystery wasn't much of a mystery, it was more like 'A Study in Pink' where there are introductions and that sort of stuff. I didn't think that much of Mary when you first meet her, but she grew on me. And I really like her.
Lestrade's reaction was great, and more what I thought there would be in John's reaction.
Oh, and Sherlock drives a motor-bike.
There were some really funny Mycroft and Sherlock moments which were really funny. The way he survived his fall? Well, everyone thought it was a bit more elaborate but it was actually really simple, and we all feel a bit stupid, I shouldn't wonder. :P
This bit. *starts laughing*
The part in the train where Sherlock couldn't work out what to do, well, I thought he actually couldn't. But then he's Sherlock Holmes, of course he knew! 'There's an off-switch, there's always an off-switch.'
'Killing me, oh please, that's so two years ago.'
Molly was a bit more main, I think the relationship between her in Sherlock is better in this season. Almost big brother, little sister.
John's mustache. Now, what all the fans agreed was that John's mustache was not adding to his looks. It was a total surprise that Mary didn't like it, and neither did Sherlock. 'Let me just ask you one're not going to keep that are you?'
The reunion between Sherlock and his best friend was hysterical, we were laughing all the way through it, also the fact that John is really, really mad and tries to throttle Sherlock in three different cafes.
I picked up a few references from the original stories, which I was rather proud of, I didn't pick up half of them, as some were more subtle.
So....I'm guessing that the person watching the screen at the end of the episode is Charles Augustus Milverton.
So, to end this post, I can't wait to watch episode two, and it was a great start to the third season! :D
Cannot wait for this! 
Now, being the nice person that I am. Here's the link to where we watched it, and if you are dying to watch, I recommend clicking on the link, and starting it. :)

God Bless


  1. I just got around to seeing this episode tonight (off the internet) and really enjoyed!!! I love where the show is going and I caught some references to the book and I slow clapped for the revelation of how he did it. Mycroft and Sherlock are hysterical. I like Anderson now, but I found it interesting we didn't see Sally Donovan at all. I also cried; I love Sherlock but John is the one that controls my tears: Martin Freeman is fantastic! :D


    1. I know! I really enjoyed it, too! Yeah, I was a bit confused as Anderson had his own theory at the start. And it was so simple! She's in the second episode at the start! We are watching it right now. Lots more hysterical Sherlock bits! :D
      Coming from you, Jamie, that's not hard to believe. He is fantastic! But I prefer Sherlock, it must be admitted. ;)
      Let me know what you think of the other episodes! Perhaps a blog post? *hint hint nudge nudge* ;)

      God Bless,


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