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The Desolation of the Movie Theatre


Okay, so I should probably just get this post done. I've been stressing about it, actually if you'd believe it.
Right, so Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was pretty awesome.
I loved pretty much all of it.

Bilbo was adorable. And smart. Did anyone else freak out when Thranduil is like 'I see you hiding in the shadows' and you're like 'Oh, awkward.' Then you work out that he isn't talking about Bilbo at all. I was surprised that Bilbo was actually a lot more of a follower in this movie though. Yes, he showed his ingenuity and all that, but the really didn't say anything about some of the dwarves being left behind which was not what I was expecting. I love how awkward he can be though, like when he forgets how he is going to get out of the Elves strong hold once the barrels are gone. And he reminds me of John Watson, seeing as he is actually the same actor. The part with the key was so obvious that it was going to be Bilbo who worked it tou that I was smiling. And they almost lost the key, too! I was actually a bit worried that they would butcher the spider part as Bilbo was wrapped up, thankfully this was not what happened as I had been looking forward to that part more than any other part in the entire movie. I know Smaug was quite a big part of it, but I wanted to see Mirkwood more than anything else.

Thorin was pretty uninteresting in this movie, I just think he's a bit of a grump frankly. Yes, he was wise to not say yes to Thranduil, I agree with him there. But isn't it obvious when he promises the men that he most certainly won't give them what he promised them. After all, he does get rather greedy in the book, if anyone remembers that little detail. And yeah, rather grumpy like I said. Also, you'd think after all they'd been through that Thorin wouldn't leave any of the dwarves behind at all. Despite the fact that Kili got a arrow in his leg. And he didn't even seem to care very much. And he was rather bossy, too.

Gandalf was an alright character. I was utterly disgusted that Azog had the nerve to hit him , much less, fight him. Even, after the movie I kept saying to the others, 'He hit Gandalf!' in a disgusted voice. The parts in Dol Guldur with Gandalf were both scary and cool. I loved the fact that Gandalf so clearly represented good. And as in all movies, good triumphs over evil, the question is though, how the heck is he getting out of that cage? And I mean this is Gandalf, the wizard who would alter on defeat the Balrog, he's stronger than he looks. But he was facing Sauron, it also has to be admitted.
And I think we were all as scared as Gandalf when Radagasts bird flew out at his face.

Kili was a more main character in this movie. And I didn't have a problem with that. The plot device of him getting an arrow in his leg worked. I was rather worried about him, I admit. My favourite part with him probably has got to be his conversation with Tauriel in Thranduil's dungeons. With the talisman. And I really liked it how he said his mother thought he was reckless. Because, that's true. I was also like, when he says about how she wants him to come home to her safe, I thought unhappily, 'Well, that's not going to happen.' Because as we all know, he dies. We just need to make sure that it's extremely epic, along with Fili's and Thorin's deaths as well.

Tauriel was an extremely cool new character. She really stood out from the other elves seeing as she has red hair. But she was really, really, cool. And I really liked her. She's deadly when she fights but also a great listener and talker. Sadly, my whole 'telling-of-Legolas' thing didn't really happen. Did anyone think 'It's Arwen all over again,' when she's healing Kili with the Athalas. Much like what Arwen does for Frodo before the get to Rivendell. She was smart and resourceful, though a little attached to the dwarves, adn most importantly to Kili.

The Kili/Tauriel relationship. Now, some peopel frown on this and others don't mind it at all. I rather liked it. And I liked Tauriel's 'He is rather tall for a dwarf' comment to Legolas. It made me smile. :) Some Ringers are absolutely disgusted with this proceeding. I don't mind it. And before people are ready to stamp me into the ground, might I just point out, that the Aragorn/Arwen relationship is not that much different. Expect maybe for the fact that Arwen is more elf than human. But just thought I'd point that out. Also, I reckon Tauriel will die as well. Just sayin'
Please excuse the Italian? I've no idea.

Legolas was surprisingly a very interesting character to follow, I really quite enjoyed everything with him. From his awesome fighting, (Orlando Bloom has not lost his touch) to all the dialogue moments with him in them. Him and Tauriel are best friends but whereas he likes more than that, as far as I can gather, she sees him just like a brother. The love triangle thing better be cleared up, because it is a bit irritating nevertheless. I think that either Legolas will free Gandalf, or that he will see the armies approaching and somehow find out that Gandalf's imprisoned, or maybe he'll bump into Radagast and they plan a rescue, that would be fun to see! :D I actually think that Legolas was better in DOS than he was in the LOTR trilogy because he didn't just fight, he talked, and that gave him more character depth.

Smaug. Now, everyone was excited about seeing Smaug, weren't they? I was also doubly excited because Benedict Cumberbatch was doing his voice and he's Sherlock. And I also think that it was funny seeing as he's best friend in the T.V. series is John Watson who is also played by Martin Freeman. So very funny. :D
I was actually disappointed with Smaug. The thing that irritated me more than anything else, was the fact that his wings were attached to his front feet instead of being folded in behind his head on his sides. That just really irritated me. I like European dragons and I have never, ever imagined Smaug like that. Also, I always imagined him very, very red. Not gold.
Had to share, sorry. :)
And his voice wasn't that impressive. Sorry, it's just I was disappointed. And I didn't like the fact that Bilbo pulled off his ring. But chasing after the Arkenstone was pretty funny to watch. Who knows, maybe he'll improve in the final movie.

Bard was a nice addition to the cast, I really liked him. And his relationship with his son and daughters, and he is very obviously a weary man. Question is, how is he going to get out of prison and kill the Smaug.

Honourable and un-honourable mentions: Balin in honourable, Azog un-honourable, Master of Laketown un-honourable, other-whats-name-I-can't-remember-who-is-after-Thorin-for-Azog-Orc-character/thingie un-honourable. Master of Laketown's assistant un-honourable. Fili honourable. Radagast honourable. And so on.

And to end this post. I thoroughly enjoyed The Desolation of Smaug and look forward to There and Back Again. Though it did have a few slow bits more to the end I liked it anyway. And the ending was really annoying! Argh! I don't like cliff-hangers, but on the other hand, I do. :)
How about you guys?

God Bless


  1. Pardon me, but I feel compelled to comment on this post.
    Having sat through it twice the Tauriel/Kili relationship doesn't really bother me anymore, partly b/c we know they're both doomed to die awesomely halfway through the last film.
    The one you can't remember is Bolg son of Azog, though it would've taken away from the story to point this out.
    In the spider scene they practically did turn everything on its head. "Bilbo gets caught and wrapped? That wasn't supposed to happen so its all just very obvious saran wrap. And the spider poison was supossed to make them all too groggy to think-but, battles-so yeah they butchered it.
    It's been pointed out that the fan-favorite dwarves were left behind specifically so that in the third film will be thinking "Oh, no are the dwarfs gonna die" at the same timne time we're thinking "How long before Bard shoots?"
    Otherwise it was fun enough.

    1. I thought you might be compelled. ;)
      I've never been to see a movie at the movies twice. Yes, they obviously will, otherwise where's Tauriel in LOTR and it works so much better for them dying a heroic death anyway. :)
      Well, I didn't know his name but I really enjoyed putting in the 'whats' bit even though it grammatically incorrect.
      I didn't think of the 'making them dizzy' part, just the fact that Bilbo got wrapped, when he wasn't supposed to.
      Yeah, it just rubbed me the wrong way that after all they'd been through Thorin would just abandon them like that.
      Yes, I agree. It was great fun.:D

      God Bless,

  2. Nice review! The scenes with Bilbo and the barrels and later the key were a couple of my favorites. Nice Sherlock pic! XD I agree, Bard was really great.

    1. :D Thanks! I loved that part with the barrels and then Bilbo is like 'Um, how am I going to get out of here,' with this awkward face. :) I love all the Sherlock/Hobbit crossovers, they are always so amusing! :D Yes, Bard was pretty cool! :)

  3. WoW! I had no Idea that cumberlatch plays Sherlock and Martin Freeman is watson. That's interesting. I agree with a lot that you said in your review. I wish that they had just made The Hobbit one or two movies instead of a trilogy and kept things like the book. They could have made a really great, short kiddy movie that adults could enjoy too. "Sigh" I agree that Kili and Tauriel need to die Epically in the last film.

    1. :D It's a very interesting, and very funny coincidence. :)
      Though the Hobbit is a smaller book and some of the things in the movies are dragged out a little bit, I don't have a problem going to the movies three times and experiencing Middle Earth. :)
      Of course they will die, just who will kill them is the question...:)

  4. I could not keep from thinking of Watson either when Bilbo was on screen! I agree, Tauriel was a very cool character, and she was a lot better than I had expected. And the romance did not bother me much either, it was actually handled rather well and added another layer to the story.
    That’s a hilarious picture of Sherlock looking at the Dwarf pictures! :) I think they made Smaug that way with the wings because no real creature has a set of wings not attached to the arms, so it makes him more believable.
    Great review! :D


    1. :D Both the cahracters MF seem to be a lopt like each other. :)
      She is my favourite female character from Middle Earth out of the movies of LOTR and the Hobbit. :) Yes, and it was overly mushy or anything.
      I guess that makes sense, but I just don't imagine dragons like that so I was a bit disappointed.
      Thanks! :D

      God Bless,


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