Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Slice of Pizza

Most people title posts like this, 'A Slice of Life' me, I thought it would be cooler to call it what it is now. After pizza is very agreeable, although it could have been a slice of fudge as well, so many delectable choices. :)
Anyway, so what's been happening with me? Hmm, lots of things really.
1. I finished House of Hades. Yes, that book that I was really really annoyed and disgusted with. Thank Goodness I finally have, because I hate to have books that I've only half read hanging around.
2. Watched the last two Hornblower episodes with Rogan. We both agree that Maria is actually a better character than the french girl (I can't even remember her name). And her making him gloves before he leaves. Well, we were both saying 'Aww' when she gave them to him. But we were also about ready to give him a talking to in Duty until the end...then it was much better though it is not one of my favourites.

And we both really like Mr. Bush.

3. Been going in the pool a lot. And enjoying it. It's been really nice as the last few days have been really hot about 40.
4. Watched the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock. I actually didn't enjoy it that much as it had some stuff in it that I didn't think needed to be in there. My favourite part was the Sherlock and Mycroft moment when they are at their parents' house and their mother almost catches them smoking and Mycroft tells Sherlock that he really does care about him. Also the reconciliation between John and Mary, that was hands down, the best part out of it all. Out of the three I think that probably The Sign of Three was my favourite. I absolutely loved Sherlock's speech. And him organising the page boy and telling a friend of Marys that he had been dropped to casual friend was really funny. Also, it probably had the best mystery out of the three. I did love the first episode but the second is the best I think all round.

Dat speech.
I absolutely loved Sherlock's speech. And him organising the page boy and telling a friend of Marys that he had been dropped to casual friend was really funny. Also, it probably had the best mystery out of the three. I did love the first episode but the second is the best in all areas. 

Also that cliff-hanger? Well, I'm certainly not as interested or emotionally surprised and upset like I was for Reichebach Fall. I mean, BBC confirmed Moriarty to be dead and he's got to be dead. Otherwise Sherlock will just turn into one of those stupid T.V. shows where there is the same bad guy over and over again. Also, not a two year wait please, a year, no more. That's all I ask.  Also, they've been planning seasons 4&5 one very excited girl here! :D

5. Been looking at my drafts. I've got about thirty-six of them and I really need to work on some of them.
6. I've also been making skirts for us girls. Mum also wants one, I've made one for me and Arwen and I've cut out and over-locked almost all of Moran and Myffwyn's skirts. Mum also wants one so busy, busy.
7. Getting excited for a sleepover which me and Eden have organised this Monday night, we are planning on watching movies and staying awake as long as possible, and then crashing. It will be interesting to see how long I last. :)
8. I've got a dead-line to finish TT but actually I haven't done very much reading of it. Hmph, anyway, but I am reading a really nice book by Chrisitne Pope which Mum got off Kindle for me. It's surprisingly more mature than I thought it would be, but I am loving reading it anyway. And I really love Lord Shaine, he's such a sweetie!
Isn't the cover gorgeous? 
9. We celebrated Eden's 18th Birthday last Saturday. Her birthday is actually in July but there were some complications of getting a date that suited everyone. It was pretty exhausting, but nice, and everyone had to wear a mask. Me and Rogan also dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson, though we didn't get any pictures and the trench coat, then suit coat, were really boiling so it didn't last long. I even had band-aids for nicotine patches and Rogan had a gun, so it was very fun. :) Also, Mum has a pink phone so I walked around with that a little. And we were trying to find a serial killer as well, that's why we were there, investigating.

10. I went and saw Frozen for the second time the other day, I'd already seen it once and then Saxon because he was going crazy as we were listening to the songs from it and quoting, wanted to go and see it, and he generously took Rogan and I along with him. As it turned out, we sat right down the front, it was very interesting as we always try and get the back seats, but the cinema was packed. Anyway, I'll hopefully have a post on Frozen up soon. I enjoyed it much more the second time rather than the first. Thank you Saxon for taking us!

Anyway, I'd better go. That's just an update of what's been going on, hopefully I'll post again soon, but yeah anyway, see you guys!

God Bless


  1. I'll be interested to hear how you liked Frozen. I have not seen it yet and parts of it looked rather cheesy to me from the trailers. I shall look forward to your post. :D

    I caught up on Sherlock; I liked all three episodes a lot, although there are parts of the third one that still don't make complete sense to me, so I need to rewatch it again. The second was certainly amazing, I loved that a lot of it took place in Sherlock's mind palace! So neat! :D And his speech was beautiful, I loved it when everyone started crying and John gave him the hug. I wanted to clap but I was sick so that didn't happen.

    It is of my opinion that Moriarty is not back; I think the show might be bringing in the book character Sebastian Moran, who was Moriarty's right hand man. I'm hoping that that is all that is going on. While I don't mind Moriarty coming back, I do want to see other bad guys... Also there are rumors that we might have Season Four by Christmas of 2014 which is only a year away! I hope the rumors are true! :)


    1. Hey Jamie,
      The trailer is actually pretty misleading in my opinion. I think the first time I saw it I was comparing it to Tangled quite a lot. The second viewing was more enjoyable.

      I didn't like how Sherlock had a girlfriend, that really annoyed me, but then the day after we watched it I remembered how in Charles Augustus Milverton he actually gets engaged just so he can get the plans and such of the house. Yes, his speech was indeed beautiful and yes, John giving him a hug? Absolutely wonderful! And then he asks why everyone is looking like that. :)
      Sebastian Moran would be a good bad guy. I hated CAM he was a creep! Yeah, it's just that it kind of makes the whole 'Reichebach Fall kind of pointless and then we have to wonder how 'he' died as well. And it would also lose the specialness of Sherlock having the same bad guy come back. Season 4 2014? Sounds like a plan to me! :D

      God Bless,

  2. We watched Frozen a little while ago and really enjoyed it!

    1. :D It is a good movie! I think it grows on you every time you watch it. ::)

  3. Haven't read House of Hades so I couldn't agree or disagree, but I know what you mean about half finished books! I was reading his series that kept getting worse, but I couldn't stop reading because I had to know if the characters got what they deserved1

    1. It's just something in it really made me mad! Yeah, those kind of series are the worst because you want to know what happened! :)

  4. I really wish that there was a quality TV series that didn't have bad stuff in it. I can't wait for a review on frozen. Here's to a good quality TV show with absolutely NO girly scenes and gore! Sorry if I'm to intense here. Just hate that stuff.

    1. Hi Benjamin, :)
      They are few and far between, it's true. But Sherlock has got to be one of those few. Just some of the things because it is a 'modern' T.V. show really didn't need to be in there. But I love the series even though it does have some flaws. :)

      God Bless,

  5. Late comment! Sherloooock! That was such a fun season, and The Sign of Three was really great. :) Dressing up like Sherlock and John sounds fun!

    1. :D That's alright. I second the Sherlooooock! :) It was a fun season, I agree. But I really don't want M coming back, and I don't think he will as BBC confirmed he was dead. :)
      It was very fun, we even call each other John and Sherlock sometimes. :D


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