Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The New Heroes I found in 2013

So seeing as it is only a about one hour and ten mintues until 2014 (gee, we're all getting so old!) I thought I'd do one of those '2013' posts. And so this post is about heroes who I discovered this year.

Sir Luca Forelli-from the River of Time series, by Lisa T. Bergren. Now, if you read the first three books. i.e. Waterfall, Cascade and Torrent chances are that you won't get to hear that much about Luca, he's usually in the background adding a humorous quip in the background. He's got green eyes and he's blonde and as we all know Vellvin has this thing for blonde guys. No idea why. :) Luca is committed, kind and determined. He's captain of the Forelli guard and is very stern when it comes to his duty. He's a bit of a flirt but that's only to the one girl that he really, really likes. And his patient, it's quite obvious that he really likes her, but he waits patiently to see what she thinks about him. He's a fun-loving passionate guy. And he's pretty amazing with a sword. Before reading the two novellas I liked Marcello better than Luca, now I think it's the other way around.

Sherlock Holmes- I discovered Sherlock Holmes only the start of this year when watching the BBC T.V. show Sherlock. After watching that I quickly read 'A Study in Scarlet' 'The Sign of the Four' 'The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' 'The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes' and I am almost finished 'The Return of Sherlock Holmes'. It's safe to say that I'm a Sherlockian I think. Do not speak to me of the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies, we turned the first movie off within the first forty-five minutes, and don't speak to me about that rip-off off a T.V. show called Elementary either. Sherlock Holmes has two characters for me. The gentleman of the original stories, and the sometimes uncaring sociopath of the BBC T.V. show who actually is not a 'high functioning sociopath'. as he so heated;y points out to Anderson. This Sherlock Holmes would be horrible to be around in real life, but I like him anyway. Plus, he has a really cool trench coat and scarf and who can argue with his marvelous deductions?

Percy Jackson-I read all of the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books this year. Except for House of Hades, which I was rather disgusted with after a certain thing happened in the book. Anyway, Percy's a really nice guy. He's smart, independent, and rather good with a sword. We see him mature from a twelve-year-old boy to a seventeen-year-old young man. He's usually the person with the funny lines, which are usually pointed insulting at people he doesn't like. Like Hera for instance. He is extremely loyal to his friends and his resourceful no matter what. He can control water and summon a hurricane, and just so everyone knows, he's better than Jason.

Batman/Bruce Wayne- Okay, so this year I finally saw the Christopher Nolan, Batman movies. True, these movies aren't made by Marvel, but that doesn't mean that they are any less great than some of the Marvel movies. They are also, (in my opinion) more dark and yes, pun intended as they are known as the Dark Knight Trilogy. When we first meet Bruce he's a little eight-year-old boy who's fallen down a hole to a cave where bats live. And he hates them. Next day, boom his parents get shot, fun, fun. We fast forward a little bit and he's a stupid irresponsible young man who no thought really, of what to do with his life. Then he starts to travel the world, to find a way to fight injustice, is trained by Ra's A Guhl but does not think that they're methods are right. Killing for killing and such. And he says that this is what draws the line between good and bad, and I've got to agree with him. He's a smart, smooth guy. With some nice Lamborghinis if I might add, but he sacrifices a lot in him being Batman.

And the fact that he got a happily ever after, starting a new life with Selina, getting married was great. Because he deserved it.

Connor-from Assassin's Creed 3. Okay, this guy is the only guy who I've put on here who is from a video game. I get attached to some strange characters but I actually spent quite a while just watching Saxon playing as Connor. I haven't even played all of his story. Most of what I've done with him is pick peoples pockets and get into fights. I don't usually do any of the missions. Just that sort of stuff. And I mean, Connor he's pretty cool, he gets to wear Assassin clothes, have cool weapons, and he's an Indian, so what's not to like?

And there you have it, everyone! My heroes of 2013. Amazing guys one and all! :D

God Bless


  1. These are some good heroes!


    I like Batman, too. ;)


    1. Haha! Thanks. :)
      Yes, caps lock is good when it's Sherlock Holmes! :D
      Yes, Batman is pretty cool.

  2. Happy New Year Vellvin!

    1. Happy New Year to you as well, Sophie! :D

  3. Happy new year Vellvin! Chris Nolan made a really good Batman.

    1. Thanks Benjamin, and to you too as well! :D Totally agree, his Batman's are great! Do you have a favourite? Batman Begins is mine. :D

      God Bless,


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