Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advent, watching movies, Christmas present-making and surprises.

Well it seems that a lot of these post lately have been random updates on things. Frankly, I haven't had very much time to post at all. It's just been so busy!
Catholic Problems

Sunday was our anniversary of becoming Catholic seven years ago, and though I had started a blog post as you have probably observed, it didn't get published.

Advent has been great so far, and I am really enjoying our Advent study. One problem though, we really need to catch up on Jothams Journey and find out what happens, though I am of the firm belief that Nathan is the best in Bartholomew's Passage (beside that being my favourite).

It was really funny starting to read it because I was mouthing stuff to Saxon and Mum like 'Decha's he's uncle,' and "It's Decha!" And "Nathan is in the next chapter!" If you have never read any of the Arnold Yeetride books, three being Jothams Journey, Bartholomew Passage, and Tabithas Travels which are all advent books leading up to all of them meeting back in the manger where the newborn Jesus is sleeping.
I've been working on Christmas presents though I am not feeling overly rushed, I've only got a few things left but I wanted to share what I am making for my sister, Eden. Eden, if you are reading this do NOT scroll down.

Hopefully she's gone. Anyway here is what it is!

I am very, very proud of this. If you are wondering what it's connected to, it's a prequel/novella of Alan 'a' Dale before he met Robin Hood and after. It's really fun to write and is sort of a break from Outlaw. I even wrote a summary of it and I must say, though it's my first, I'm rather proud of it.

Summary: The son of a count. A nobleman. The right-hand man to one of history's most famous outlaws. Find out what happened to Alan 'a' Dale before he joined Robin Hood's gang, how he ran away from his father's castle in southern France, how he came to England as a minstrel, how he was one night rudely thrown out of a inn, and that very same night, while wandering through Sherwood, and feeling rather faint from lack of food, was saved by Robin Hood, himself. And now, journey with him as he tells the stories of the many adventures he, his chief, and friends and outlaws, embarked upon in their fight against injustice and tyranny.

I must echo my previous statement, I'm very happy with it. :)

I've been listening to quite a few things lately. Soundtracks, Christmas music, and one particular song 'What Makes You Different (Makes you Beautiful)' By Backstreet Boys. Which by the way I haven;t heard properly in years. :)

I've watched a few new movies, and watched a few Christmas ones as well.
Now You See Me vs Prestige

We got the Prestige out the other week and I saw it for the first time, luckily I wasn't the only one who hadn't seen it, my sister Autumn also hadn't seen it either. We also got 'Now You See Me' out just the other night. As you can see we are a bit into magicians at the moment. :D The twist with 'Now You See Me' was like, you felt so stupid! The Prestige's twist on the other hand was like 'What? And then, once again, I FEEL SO STUPID!!!' All us younger kids have also been walking around quoting 'The Lorax' which I finally saw all the way through and I thought it was really good. :)

Autumn surprised me the other day by coming home with a 'Man of Steel' poster for me. Needless to say it is hanging up already and I am very happy with it. :)

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug will be released here on Boxing Day and I am very excited! It is my number one Christmas present. Some people are saying it is good, and some saying that it is bad. Me? Well, I'll go with the positive rather then the negative. I also need to read or skim (probably skim) over the middle part of the book. (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE SPIDERS!!!)But not be too pure-isty about it either.
And no matter what people say about Tauriel, anyone who can give Legolas a talking to is awesome! Plus, she's a girl elf, she got red hair, and looks awesome. :D

I've also been hearing really good reviews about 'Frozen' and I really want to see it in theaters, of course if it was a choice of it or DOS I'd choose DOS.

Hmm, what other things have I been doing? Well, we hosted a Homeschoolers Christmas Party at our house and it was great! Learning to get to know the older girls a bit better then before. And organising an all-nighter at our house on the 20th of January. I also lended some of my books to one of my friends as I'd told her about them, she was very interested in borrowing my Sherlock Files as I introduced her to the show, and she likes it. :)

Now, the biggest surprise of my life of the past week or so? Yep, wait for it, I'll tell you. It was just an ordinary day, and I walked outside to do my guinea pigs, I walked to the top of the stairs that descend a few short steps to the outside laundry, and totally freaked myself out. Can you guess why? A snake was swiftly crawling away into the garage, a BROWN SNAKE!

Very aggressive and very, very dangerous, so that ended any play outside as you can imagine, Dad got home later, checked the garage and found that the snake had gone. Thank goodness for that. Since then, the line everyone has been using when someone goes outside is 'Watch out for snakes!'
Portrait: Gingerbread cookies

We've been Christmas cooking me and Myffwyn have been making Gingerbread.

And as a last note: Does anyone have any idea when Sherlock season 3 is released in Australia? I would assume that it would be the same as UK but not sure.
Anyway I'd better go.

God Bless


  1. Whoa how did you do that? ^points to gift pictured in post...
    I liked Tauriel and Legolas more than I liked the rest of the movie. That shows how much the first showing put me off. I think a congratulations is in order for some of the stuff you've been doing, so cheers.

  2. Hey JT. Well I googled 'medieval books' saved the picture I liked most, went to picmonkey arranged the sizing to my satisfaction, and added text. I love fancy writing so I chose it for my book. It's the first cover I've ever made and I am justly proud of it.
    I just think that it's stupid how you mentioned on your blog that PJ said it was discrimination not having a girl elf like Tauriel in the movie, though she will make the movie cooler (fingers crossed) it would still be an awesome movie anyway. :)
    Thanks, it's been really busy, hence the reason for less blogging. :)

    1. Well I hope it was the statements I remember reading that bothered you and not the fact that I pointed them out...Your reply is a little confusing on that point...Tauriel by herself is actually not a problem. So are you saying that cover is just a picture you printed out?

    2. I'm used to your opinions of things like DOS being negative, but what I was saying was in one of your posts, where you stated your opinion of said movie, you said ' I hope Peter Jackson has given up claiming that he's honoring Tolkien's legacy, since his latest statements in defense of Tauriel were 1) a claim that Tolkien would have added an empowered female character, but his slipped his mind. and 2) that it is somehow commuting gender discrimination not to add said empowered female into a movie that already has plenty of characters nominally based on a story that has its share of hordes of female fans already. For one thing, not being a member of Tolkien's estate, Jackson has no business making even an implicit claim that Tolkien left anything out by accident. Second, in my perspective, he seems to be devaluing all the current female fans if he claims that they need a character inserted just for them. Can you say PC?''
      I was just pointing out that if that was his motive to have Tauriel in the movie (the discrimination one which I think is rubbish), then it was not very smart. Sorry if I confused you.
      As to the edited picture. 1. I googled medieval books in images. 2. I found the one I liked best, and saved it to the computer. 3. I opened up picmonky which is an editing photos site on the internet. 4. Uploaded the picture there 5. Fixed the size of it to my satisfaction and 6. Chose the text I liked best, and added the title and author. :)

      God Bless,


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