Sunday, 8 December 2013

I went to a walk for True Marriage!

So last week I went to a Walk for True Marriage. And it was amazing! I felt so glad inside, so pleased that I was actually doing something other than talking about how marriage is between a man and a woman. Anyway, I should probably start from the beginning.
I had been rather worried that we wouldn't get to the walk because Mum and Dad have been away since Thursday afternoon through to late tonight. They went down to Kynan's Graduation (congrats bro!) and are now driving up to Sydney to pick up Autumn. Braedon and Anna-Lisa have been staying and looking after us, and so I wasn't sure that we would be going. I am so glad I was wrong. We got there in plenty of time and it was amazing like I said. There were so many people there! Some who I knew, some who I didn't. But that didn't matter, because we all had the same intent, to walk down main street, carrying signs and showing the world that, no matter what, marriage is between one man and one woman, and always will be. Boys had been asked to wear blue, and girls pink, so obviously I was wearing pink. :)

Before we left to Fr. Brad said a few things and reminded us that we are on a peaceful walk and that if anyone shouted at us or had a sign the opposite of ours, to return their abuse with a smile. :) We also had sung the words 'We are walking for True Marriage' to the tune of 'We have decided to follow Jesus.' A lot of us got given signs, I wanted one. :) And I got one. Mine said 'Children's Rights Come First'. And I carried it proudly.
Now, we started off at Bolton Park, walked up the street to past a man who was holding up a sign the opposite of ours. I can't really remember what it said but yeah, we kept on walking and kept on singing. We turned right and then started down main street, crossing the road and singing all the time. I'll tell you, by the time we got to the Victory Gardens, which were down the other end of Main Street, and our destination, my throat was extremely parched from continuous singing. We continued down main street, we passed both of the big malls. People looked at us. Some took photos and some were filming us. There was one woman who shouted something at us, but we ignored her. A lot of people noticed us especially at the malls, which were both on the same side, and only about a block from each other. The feeling of people watching us made me feel great. People were noticing! Perhaps they were reconsidering what they thought was marriage, perhaps they were getting a wake-up call. After all, that was partly why we were marching. There was another group of people who were dressed all in black and had another sign, they actually followed us all the way to the park and sat through one of the speeches.

We got to the park, had a barbecue lunch and sat to listen to some people who were going to do some talking on marriage. Did I mention that we were sitting out in the hot sun? Fun, fun.
Anyway, the speeches were very good, one of them was done by the Bishop. And I suppose I shall end this post, as I am getting rather tired of it, and say.

Marriage is between One Man and One Woman. Always and forever.

God Bless


  1. Good for you! It is great that you stood up for what is right.
    P.S. Could you read "The labors of Hercules" first chapter on my blog and comment?"

  2. Thanks! It was great, indeed.
    You might want to check your blog, I am sorry it took me so long to comment but I did read it when you first asked. :)

    God Bless,


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