Monday, 2 December 2013

Za past week or so..

Soooo, my week thus far or my week from Thursday, hmm, okay so let's recap from Thursday.
Mum and Dad left at about four o'clock to travel down to Melbourne (five hrs away) to go to Kynan's Graduation (CONGRATULATIONS KYNAN!) which left Eden, Rogan and I to look after the little kids until Braedon and Anna-Lisa arrived(they were staying while Dad and Mum were away) and brought Saxon home as well. That night was an early one. I took Trahaearn to bed, went down stairs and then went up and read my gorgeous Return of Sherlock Holmes. Friday was busy, looking after little kids, and then sitting down in the afternoon and watching an episode of William with Anna-Lisa and then watched Matilda which Anna-Lisa hardly remembered seeing. Her facial reactions were rather funny, especially with parts like the Trunchball throwing kids out of windows and Matilda's Mother and Father. :) Good times. We finished off The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 'we' being Anna-Lisa, Eden, Rogan and I. I just love that movie! :D Not long till the next part! Though we won't get it as soon as a lot of other people around the globe. :(
Saturday was an awesome day! And I mean awesome! We went to a march/rally for True Marriage, I am still working on a post, but I carried a sign and we all marched down Main Street, there were tons of people filming us and taking photos and it just filled me with such a great feeling that we were doing something more than saying how Homosexuality is wrong. There were about 200 people or more, so quite a nice group. :D
Once we got home me and Rogan untangled Christmas lights in preparation of the following day and we went to mass. After that I fell asleep in Trahearn's bed, but woke up at 3:00 am in the morning, when a very tired, Dad, Mum and Autumn rocked up. Yeah, forgot to mention that Mum and Dad after going down to Melbourne had to drive all the way up to Sydney to get Autumn. So a LOT of driving!
Yesterday was starting to stir up the puddings, putting up the Christmas tree, and getting excited. :) It was a very busy day nevertheless, Oh! and we made Wassal and had biscuits and Wassal while lighting the first Advent candle. Happy Advent Everyone!
And today, had been a very busy day as well. Full of tidying up for decorating the house (Done thank Goodness!) and doing our Advent studies.
On my to-do list is: Finish Christmas presents, Make Christmas Cards, Have very constructive and productive days revolving around Advent stuff and reading plenty of Advent books. While I'm here I might show you a few of my personal favourites.  :)

This is actually a picture only book. What happens when an old Gypsey Woman saves the money for the poor from a robber and re-sets up the creche is truly wonderful. I love this book so very, very much!

King of the stable is another of my favourites. It is beautifully illustrated and the story is also beautifully told. :)

Love, love, love this one! A classic! :D I am also going to enjoy reading

Jotham's Journey-and actually finishing it! (though I prefer Bartholomew Passage) and Destination Bethlehem.

I saw this on Facebook. I've seen it many times but I just wanted to post it anyway.
And by the way, can I just say how jealous I am of all you Northern Hemisphere people? Having Christmas in Winter? Wouldn't that be lovely!
So, that's what I've been doing, what about you?

God Bless


  1. That is an incredible busy week! (Collapses from exhaustion thinking about it, but not really :) )
    The To-Do list is hilarious. Just imagining doing all those random things is a great mood boost...
    I envy you for having Christmas in Summer! But fortunately where I live it doesn't snow in December and hardly ever gets really cold...
    When is Desolation of Smaug coming to Australia?

  2. It was! And it was rather 'collapse worthy' actually. :P
    Thanks. :) I just want to be focused so that I don't forget things and it's just a good way to do it like this so I can see it. :)
    Okay, well every December there comes a time when I just get really annoyed with the fact that we have Christmas in Summer. I have a post in my drafts listing the pros and cons of it, and hopefully I'll publish it soon. ;) Snow is awesome! It is! It is!
    It comes out on Boxing Day here, which is good as it is a nice thing to do after Christmas but it would be a very big distraction if we did it beforehand. :)

    God Bless,

    1. I should have explained that I hate snow b/c w/ snow on the ground my custom-made shoes have no grip on our steep ground and so it basically locks me in the house when my siblings go out and have fun. Rain has the same effect since I can't afford to get my shoes or my face really wet. So basically I just hate weather, which is why I love living in southern California!

    2. Oh! Now I see! I can most certainly understand that kind of thing! I'd hate having to stay in doors like that. I'd go crazy! :) I still think snow is nice, though. :)

      God Bless,

  3. Love the to-do list. We are having snow and it's not even christmas yet. Everyone in my family likes snow. But having Christmas in summer must be fun too.

    1. Thanks. :) Oh, I'm jealous! It has its ups and downs. :)


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