Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where does the term 'Elven' come from?

So my name is Vellvin, right? Yep glad you all knew that. But the thing is not many nice things rhyme with Vellvin, as far as I know. And sometimes the nice sounding ones get annoying anyway.
I get called 'Vellvin DA Elven' a lot. Courtesy of my brother Saxon who started all of this. It's not 'the' it's 'da'.
A little of subject but who cares? 
I even have my younger brothers and sisters saying 'Vellvin Da Elven' and such stuff.
The thing is, I don't like elves very much. Shock, gasp, horror. Yep, i don't. Yes, they are elegant and nice, but in some stories, like Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, the elves seem to act like greens. People who are obsessed with 'saving the planet' and stuff like that. Which drives me up the wall in no uncertain circumstances. The Elves of Middle Earth are more to my liking. Maybe more like who I'd want to be. But when I'm asked a question like "What race would you like to be in Middle Earth?" I say human, and than after that, hobbit. I don't know. But lets not forget the other version of elves, you know, more like fairies, with wings and stuff like that, which are clearly more fairy-ish in my opinion than elvish.
If the chopped the wings off the would look more elvish, don't you think? 
So there you go, I am called Vellvin da Elven, but that doesn't mean stupid elves that I can't stand. It means cool elves. Also another thing, Elves are so solemn. Me having to be solemn all the time? You're kidding, right? Can you imagine how exhausting that would be?
Tauriel is who I'd want to be. Event hough i haven't seen TDOS I think she looks really cool and will hopefully, have good character depth. :)
So I'm called an elf, but I act probably more human, funny old world isn't it? (Oh, yeah and I just chucked two different quotes from two different movies in there, wonder if anyone noticed! :P)
So there you have it!

God Bless


  1. well yeah. Paoloni ripped his elves out of Tolkien and then made them worse. Part of the reason i didn't get hooked on his writing. At least you have a cool name. I just get Schmo...:)

  2. I think I know what you mean about elves. I generally like them in Middle Earth but I'm more of a hobbit. Elves can be really solemn!

  3. @JT I didn't read the Inheritance Cycle because of them, and a lot of fantasy books nowadays have elves that are very much like Tolkien's. :)
    He showed us how to write good elves. Thanks! :D

    @Arda, I agree. Plus, living in the Shire would be pure awesomeness! :D

    God Bless,


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