Monday, 1 July 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oh my!

On Friday:
Well, what to post about? Hmmm, well I'm sitting here in the study alertenating between watching the cut scenes that Rogan is not allowed to watch in Assassin's Creed III and trying to work out what to post about.
Sheer Randomness then!

 Connor is my favourite Assassin by the way. :)
Okay, so I finished the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes about a week ago. I am now reading the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and I must say that I think I need a little break. So I started reading Persuasion the other night. It's the shortest Jane Austen out of the lot. :) So I might finish ti quicker than I did reading Pride and Prejudice! :D Kynan is coming today whoohoo! :D And staying until the wedding. We watched 'The Reichechbach Falls' on Friday night. Cannot work out how Sherlock did it! Yeah I know there are theories but no one really has much of a theory how he survived the actual jump.
Saturday was a long day we had to get up, pack and dive to Anna-Lisa's for the Lady's Night. It was a blast!! We played Pictionary, Sing star, watched a movie which was called 'You may not kiss the bride'

which WAS a chick flick but it had guns in it so it was good. I really enjoyed watching it too, though as always in chick flicks they have some stuff in them. Then we all went and had a sleepover with all us girls out in the chapel, which is not being used as a chapel currently.
We think we found our brides' maid song while playing Sing Star. We jumped on the beds just to experiment with it (take note that we were all in our pajamas) and I think that we all pretty much want it as the song which we dance at the reception (bride's maids) and Anna-Lisa and other people. The song we found was 'Walking on Sunshine' which I really love and it has a really nice beat to it as well.

I collapsed at about 1 o'clock in the morning and the others sort of went to bed at 1:30 so yeah, you could tell I was pretty tired.
Sunday was the kitchen tea and so we went to mass, came home and had brunch which was really nice! Then we chilled and played riddle games and a game which I still don't get. :P Who cares anyway? Eden and I did want to watch Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief but we sort of ran out of time doing that.
Then people began to come and we had some of the food (which was very nice by the way) and went outside and played games like how many pegs you can get off the line. I got 12 big pegs and then I tried to get 13 and lost it. I was in the top four though! :) We also played another game which was you had to make Anna-Lisa's dream wedding dress. You had a roll of toilet paper and had to make the dress out of that, and anything you had in your hand bag you could use as well. Ours didn't win, but it was fun anyway.
After that we went back inside and played a game which questions about Braedon. I got eight out of twenty-three but I was really pleased because I was one of the only people who guessed his favourite movie which was the Matrix! :D
After that Anna-Lisa opened up her presents from everybody and that took a while. Then we sort of had dinner and set off back home, which is a three hour drive for us but it took a while longer as it was misty in the last twenty minutes or so of getting home. I fell asleep for a small time at the end of our trip but for most of it I was awake. I listened to Mum's I-pod for a bit as my phone which I use to listen to music was almost out of battery. :)
And then we came home, told Kynan Braedon, Saxon and Rogan what we did and then went to bed pretty much.
But it was a fun weekend and I really enjoyed it!

It's six days until the wedding just in case anyone is wondering! :P

God Bless


  1. Ezio is still my favorite Assassin, although Connor is very underrated. I was disappointed by AC3's ending though.
    Braedon likes cool movies, The Matrix is one of my favorites too.


  2. Whoa that was a long weekend. Holmes surviving the cliff is not one of those things that survives explanations. It's just like when Frodo falls but since he can't die he hangs on.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! :D I'm wondering if once we know how Sherlock did it, it will seem somewhat obvious, but for now it's really intriguing to read the theories and all.
    Hope all is well with you and God bless!

  4. @James, we haven't finished playing it yet but Saxon told me what the ending was. The only people in my family who play it really are Saxon, Rogan and I. We share a profile to called Avenger. Well, I agree that Connor is underrated, but I think Ezio is overrated. :P

    @JT, It was indeed a very long weekend. :)Yes, i agree but I was actually talking about the BBC series called Sherlock where you actually see Sherlock fall and you wonder really how he did it. :) Have you read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories?

    @Arda, it was a fun weekend but still, exhausting. :) It's a very good way to waste time reading the theories though. :) And I doubt that any of them are fully right. And yeah, I think we will feel so silly not figuring it out afterwards. :D

    Thanks for the comments! :D They made my day!
    God Bless,


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