Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Day They Said 'I Will'

Portrait: May your married life be full of laughter
And you will love each other forever after!

1,235 photos later, congratulations to the Newlyweds!

So it happened, it most certainly did.
Before the Wedding:

Portrait: Wedding booklets complete 
All ready toe the big day today
The Booklets 

Braedon got married to Anna-Lisa! It was amazing, it was wonderful, everything was great! It was happy.....it was also very emotional and I cried more than once. :P
We all joke that Braedon is biting his nails with nervousness here. :)
So us bridesmaids and

Anna-Lisa arrived twenty minutes later than we had planned to, whoops, bet Bradeon was getting a little worried there. :P

 Anna-Lisa had sprayed some of the perfume she was wearing on our flowers and so they smelled lovely. Corbyn went down the aisle first as the ringbearer (I think he wanted to be Bilbo), then Arwen and Emmy, the two littlest flower-girls then Myffwyn all by herself, and Moran after her, both flower-girls. Then me! Wow! It was kind of scary, you know, but cool as well. I tried to smile and sort of did it but I was a little nervous. The swelling of the violin was amazing and beautiful and I think that was the start of me getting emotional. Nellie was walking down the aisle after me, Eden followed, then Autumn, then Chrissy, the Maid of Honour and than

Anna-Lisa and her Dad. :) The Groom, Best Man and Groomsman were all there as well.

We genuflected all at once. Mr. S. kissed Anna-Lisa and then gave the hand of hers that he had been holding to Braedon.

 It was one of the most beautiful masses I have ever been to. There was incense, and beautiful singing and everything

 just seemed wonderful. Bradeon and Anna-Lisa went through the Marriage Rights and when they were doing this I began to feel emotinal, for the second time. 

Just like in all the movies I had ever seen, except it was so much more important and wonderful.
The exchanging of rings. :)

When I went up to receive commumnion and after coming back and kneeling down to talk to Jesus I felt so happy! I prayed about Anna-Lisa and Braedon and my heart just felt so full of joy! After I finished and even during the Wedding, i had been looking at the Tabernacle adn thinking how Fr. Murphy had said that it takes three people to get married. Not two, but three. I just felt so very close to God. :)
Braedon adn Anna-Lisa signed the Marriage form thingie and than the Maid of Honour and Best Man did as well, and Fr. Murphy.

After that we received the final blessing and departed.
Anna-Lisa and Emmy after Mass

Mr. and Mrs. Onions and Mr. and Mrs. Onions. :P Us kids think this is hysterical

All of my family. Me on the end

Braedon, Anna-Lisa and her parents

Outside the church we had photos and stuff like that and then set off for the Botancial Gardens for more photos. :)

We were walking over to a place at the Gardens to take a photo and I sort of lost both my shoes and fell over, because they were high-heeled and the grass was very soft. That hadn't been the first time I lost my shoes either. The first time to fall over, though.

After that we went to the REception and had the usual stuff that you do at the Reception. I think I liked the actualy Wedding part though more. :)

Anna-Lisa and Braedon cut their cake which Mum had decorated and made the top of and then after that and everyone had finished eating they did their Bridal Dance.

Which was done very nicely indeed. :) All the speeches were very good. :) Braedon's started off with him doing the peace sign, i think it was, and then saying 'Peace' and then when not many people were doing it either he said 'Let's try that again: Peace.' :D Trust Braedon to reel the crowd. :)

So after they did their dance and then we did the Macarina and the Nut Bush, they left and everyone else pretty much left as well.
Portrait: Pretty hair style❤
This is Eden's hair from the wedding
It was a glorious day and full of many exciting things.....and we had an hour and a half car trip back home, too. :)

And thus ends my post. I could have captioned a lot of the photos but it was hard enough putting them in chronological order. Anyway, adios amigos!
p.s. apologies for any overlapping photos. I've just had enough of fixing them tonight. :)

God Bless


  1. Everyone looks so beautiful! I almost didn't recognize you little lady. You are growing into such a beautiful young woman.. Time is going to fast! Someday that may be you missy! I hope you and Emily continue to grow in friendship so that maybe someday, you may be there for each other. ;) May God Bless the happy couple! Love Mrs.S.

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful day! I love the colors that were used; I adore purple. Everyone looks so happy, too! :)


  3. @Mrs. Sheldrake, thank you! It was the first time ever I have worn make-up! Yes, I hope we can, too. And I'd like it if we could get to each other's weddings too.....

    @Jamie, Anna-Lisa's favourite colour is purple! It was a very wonderful day, i have got to agree with you there.

    God Bless,

  4. Oh whoops I never commented on this? Loved all the pictures, so cute. :)

  5. :D No problem, Arda. I'm glad you liked it.

    God Bless,

  6. That was so cute and romantic I love the colors:D


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