Wednesday, 20 October 2010


 Hi guys,
Guess what I've got come on guess! Okay I'll tell you:  
A Flippin' Cold!
 Anyway everyone seems to be catching it except for some lucky ducks! The 4 older kids are going on a pilgrimage which starts on Saturday ( I think). Anyway Mummy and Daddy bought ALL of the star wars movies (except RotS). Mummy says that they are for Mine and Saxon's birthday presents. But I wonder "Hey Saxon you want the old trilogy? Cuz I want the new trilogy." But we'll have to wait until our birthdays. My birthday is actually pretty soon 16th of November and I'm very excited.
On Friday I"m going to the doctors with Mummy to see if/when I can get my other mole removed.
While the others are gone we plan to watch all the star wars movies which we have plus as our school work we'll only do star wars related and Christmas presents.
I've also started making Christmas presents I've completed 5 out of 15 not a lot I know.
After the pilgrimage a dear friend will be coming to stay for a few weeks!!!!
I just finished reading Inkheart! By Cornelia Funke it was great other than the swear words which Elinor says and I am now reading Inkspell (which I think) is even better than the first. I would have to say that my fav characters are: Meggie, Farid, Elinor Darius, Dustfinger and Fenglio all from the book. I watched the movie before then and liked Farid and Capricorn.
Oh! And could you all pray that Braedon goes well with his driving test today? Please could you?
God Bless

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  1. Ohh It's ME!!! :P I soo knew that!!.. Excited!!!! :D


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