Saturday, 30 October 2010

2 tags!

Aly tagged me for these 2 tags.

1) If you were stranded on an island and you could only order take out once, what restaurant would you order from?
2) If you had a backstage pass to meet any band/singer in the world, who it be? Jonas Brothers!
3) What was your favorite TV show when you were three?
4) Pick a song that describes you or the situation you're in as of right now. Don't know.
5) Post a picture of your favorite shoes:)
I don't have a picture.

6) If you could create a new word to put in the dictionary, what would it be? Don't know
7) Are you a rush, rush, rush kinda person, or do you stop and smell the roses? Rushy rush person. :D
8) When you meet Jesus, what's the first thing you want to do? REJOICE!
Now I have to tag 8 people:

 {1} What time do you wake up each morning? Why?
7:00 Uh, no reason.
{2} You've just woken up, and you're thirsty. You fix yourself a glass of....

{3} Where do you go to school? What do you like/dislike about it?
I'm homeschooled.... I like that I can work at my own pace and still talk while working.
{4} How many siblings do you have? What are their names and ages (if you're allowed to share)?
I have 10 siblings plus 1 on the way!
Kynan 21
Braedon 19
Autumn 17
Eden 15
Saxon 13
Rogan 10
Moran 8
Myffwyn 6
Corbyn 4
{5} What is your favorite game to play with your family?
Star wars monopoly!
{6} What's the silliest thing you've ever done with your siblings, cousins or any other family member? Would you do it again if you could?
A lot of things please don't ask. :D
{7} What's your favorite game to play with your friends?

{8} If you could meet one person in the whole wide world (who's currently alive), who would it be? Why would you want to meet that person? What would you say to them?
My Papal Pope Benedict the 16th! Just to say to everyone I've seen my Papal! I'd probably be speechless.

{9} If you could meet one person in the whole wide world (from the past), who would it be? Why would you want to meet that person? What would you say to them?
My patron saints! Because to see how faithful to God they were and to better imitate them. I'd probably say to them: "You are both so Awesome!"
{10} What is your favorite way to worship God? Singing, dancing, playing an instrument, praying, fasting?
Singing, Dancing!
{11} "God cares about the little things of life." Do you agree? Can you give specific examples of ways that God has shown Himself in the little things of your life?
Yes I agree. Probably not but I know that it has happened.

{12} Is there a particular Bible verse that has stood out to you recently? Which verse and why?

{13} Your parents are out for the day, leaving you home alone (with your siblings). Then, your grandmother from out of state calls and says she'll be there in fifteen minutes. (She wasn't supposed to come until tomorrow) What do you do?
Start yelling at everyone to tidy up and get the house nice!

{14} Have you ever traveled out of country? Why did you go?
No. :/
{15} What sport do you play and what do you enjoy about it?
I like basket ball.
{16} Do you like cats or dogs better? If neither, specify:
Dogs plus cats :D
{17} Country or city?

{18} Cowboy hat or prairie bonnet?
Cowboy hat.
{19} Flipflops or tennis shoes?

{20} Do you like my (Vellvin's) blog?
Yes. Yes, I do.'

I tag anyone who wants it.

God Bless

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