Friday, 22 October 2010

Look what I finished reading this morning. :D Inkspell. It was a great book awesomer than Inkheart!
Fav Characters? The Black Prince (definitely)! Dustfinger, Meggie, Farid, Fenglio and Darius. This was a great book and the end? Shocking!!!!!!!!! Absolutely shocking and sad. At least Mo has sword now. :D I have already started Inkdeath and have liked it so far very much. Maybe I'll do a review latter once I've finished reading them. :D I don't think I could choose which I like better between Castaways of the Flying Dutchman or The Inkheart trilogy! I'd probably say right nowt hat I like the Inkheart trilogy better but I'm sure that if I read them both at once I couldn't choose.
The others left today on the Spirit to go to the Mainland. Corby was crying his eyes out and Myffy was looking very sad. I'd better go now my eyes are getting tired. Goodnight everyone, XXXXOOOOOO

God Bless

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