Wednesday, 27 October 2010

JT tagged me for this tag its quiet interesting.
There aren't a lot of questions in this tag, nor are there the usual ones, due to the awkwardness of asking a Kings Ranger and a Jedi questions we would answer today.

What do you use most to communicate?

Vellvin: email
Will Treaty: A good rider.

Anakin: Aggressive negotiations.

What's your favorite music?

JT: Too many to choose from.

Will Treaty: My Madola
Anakin: The buzz of my lightsaber :D

Would you move to another country?

Vellvin: Probably not.

Will Treaty: I've had my fair share of moving around.
Anakin: No!

What's your hobby?

Vellvin: Reading.
Will Treaty: Playing my Madola.
Anakin: Getting my hands chopped off.

If you could be present anywhere, at any point in history, where would you go?
Will Treaty:
Anakin: To any place with lots of fighting!!!

What's your favorite color?

Vellvin: Pink.
Will Treaty: Green.
Anakin: Blue!

If you had a favorite animal, what would it be?

Vellvin: Dog.
Will Treaty:Dog.
Anakin: A droid the one I already have he's named R2.

If you had a motto, what would it be?

Vellvin: Speed is what we need.
Will Treaty: A Ranger is always smart.
Anakin: I am the boss I say floss!

If you suddenly had a million (tax-free) dollars, what would you do?

Vellvin: I hope I would split it, donate half, and pay debts with the rest.
Will Treaty: Give it to the people of Araluen!
Anakin: Bribe everyone in the senate to agree to what I think is good.

What's your favorite literature?

Vellvin: Anything good.
Will Treaty: None.
Anakin: The Force?

Note fromVellvin: Though Will Treaty and aAakin Skywalker are my aliases, their opinions are not necessarily mine.

Another note: To do this tag, you have to answer each question, and then add the answers you think your two favorite historical/fictional characters would say.
I tag anyone who wants to take it!

God Bless


  1. Very funny. Anikin's answers especially. (The notes aren't really part of the tag, and I see you would do the same as me with the money)


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