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Arrow is one of the few T.V. shows made recently that I like to watch. If it hadn't of been for Saxon discovering and wanting Mum to preview them for him, we never would have watched them. But now we have, and you could say we think they are pretty awesome.

What's it about? Basically it's about this guy named Oliver Queen who got shipwrecked on an island for five years before begin rescued. During this time he learned many lessons about survival, and basically who to trust and who not to trust. You see a small bit of his journey on the island in pretty much every episode. He also became a rather good marksman with the bow at the same time. :)
Anyway he returns to Starling City, determined to make a difference. And he does.
Now, some people would say that sounds a lot like Batman, it kind of is and it kind of isn't. For one. Oliver actually has a much more violent way of dealing with obstinate crooks. He gives them one chance, and then well good nightey! Whereas Batman has the rule of 'no killing'. And also the help of the police. Not so Oliver. There is one man who is absolutely obsessed with capturing the vigilante, and seriously, he can be so irritating.
During all of his adventures the lives of his family, friends and colleagues have interesting twists and turns, and are constantly intertwined with his missions. Why don't I introduce you to the characters?

Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen. Now, going back to the flashbacks on the island I can pretty much say only one word: Woos! I mean seriously when he got there he had no idea of how to look after himself and no idea of who to trust either.
But then, in the present time, you see how different he is, how confident, smart and downright able he is to handle most any situation and bring a good outcome out of it at the same time. Also, he is one of the best liars ever, I sort of believed him when he told Laurel that he wasn't the vigilante because it was so convincing.
Oliver is one of my favourtie characters out of Arrow. He can be a bit arrogant and not listen to advice because he thinks he knows best, but he comes around, eventually, which is a good thing, believe me. :)
John Diggle
Okay, everybody moving on. Here's Diggle. First assigned to be Oliver's bodyguard (you have to watch the episode to understand why). He then quits, and instead after Oliver shows him who he is, after some soul-searching, joins him. He was an army man and he knows what war does to people, and what he wants to do, besides ladle out some justice by helping Oliver, is making sure that Oliver behaves as a man taking on such a responsibility should. And also, to not turn into a man who he himself is trying to stop. Diggle is sweet, compassionate and loyal, if you had it at your back, then that's a good thing. Even though he and Oliver disagree sometimes, they always end up buddies at the end.
That bit! :)
Now, moving on to one of my other number one characters, well have....Felicity Smoak.
Felicity Smoak
We are first introduced to Ms. Smoak as the IT girl who Walter asks to investigate some computer transactions for him. But after that we see more and more of her. She's innocent, sweet and surprisingly sturdy, though a bit awkward. And she's not dumb. :) She joins the team with Oliver and Diggle and it's really nice to have her there to. She can hack whereas Oliver and Diggle would have no idea how to do such a thing. And sometimes, if you are a vigilante, or working with one, it's kind of nice to have some inside information wich someone helpfully got for you.

And look! Is she enthusiastic about her work or what?

Laurel Lance
Laurel is a rather main character. She was in a relationship with Oliver before he left on the cruise, but I'd rather not talk about that, as some of is just isn't pleasant, nor becoming to talk about. Basically she's a lawyer (I think) or something like that. And she's always trying to get the bad guys where they are suppose to go. She's a realist and but is also very passionate about what she believes. She is also a good mentor to Thea and she is also one of my favourtie characters. :)

Thea Queen
Now, if anyone had a complicated life, it's Thea Queen. She grew up from the age of twelve to almost eighteen, believing that both her father and brother were shipwrecked at sea and died. Because of this she tends to act rather immature and childish, and does things so that she can just get some attention. But mostly what she just needs is someone who will listen, and try to understand her.

Moira Queen/Steele
Okay, Oliver's and Thea's Mum. In the words of Little John from Robin Hood: 'I do not like.' She just seems to have turned around, and acted a bit better when, boom! something happens and nothing changes. One of my favourtie bits is when Diggle and Oliver pretend that Oliver and his mother are both kidnapped so that they can get an answer out of her. She does have her good points, and at the end of Season 1 I was very satisfied with what she did, and she knew it was the right choice, too.

Tommy Merlyn 
Tommy is Oliver's best friend. He's irresponsible and sometimes just doesn't think straight. He feels really hurt because his father never really seemed to care about him, and because of this, he has not interest with interacting with his father. He did turn bad guy for a bit, but at the end of Season 1, he was redeemed, in the best possible way ever.

Walter Steele
I LOVE WALTER!!! Okay, well at first, I didn't, I thought he was a bad guy, but really he grew on me. He really is a very responsible guy. And tries to be understanding and kind to both Thea and Oliver (more so Thea) as he married their mother. He's not stupid though, and it's through him that we first meet Felicity Smoak. At the end of Season 1 he was really angry with Moira, and we have no idea how that will shape up. He's a very nice guy, Walter is. :)

Malcolm Merlyn
Okay, so Malcolm, well you're horrible. Nuff' said.
Quentin Lance
Okay, so Quentin is the policeman with the problem with Arrow. He is OBSESSED with getting him behind bars. He's also Laurel's Dad and sometimes the ways he tries to trap Arrow and the devices are not what she appreciates or likes. I pity him, really. He had a lot of the people he loved torn from him. But I've heard some spoilers about him for Season 2 and it sounds like he just might be getting better. :)

Slade Wilson
Slade! Slade! Slade! Basically Oliver's mentor on the island. An Australian and part of the ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) He's rough, unforgiving when Oliver fails something he set him, and stern. All in all just the kind of mentor the at this point sissy Oliver needed.

And before I finish the characters there's one more which you should know about..Helena.

Basically one big word to describe Helena: GOGETYOUSELFRUNOVERBYACAR'KAY?

Now, it's a modern T.V. show, okay. Which means that some morality is thrown out the window, which I do not appreciate. It can be quite violent and some things (like the Vertigo and it's affect on people) can be rather disturbing. There were a few bits where I covered my eyes, and possibly a few references put here and there through the episodes. I wouldn't recommend it to pepole nder the age of fifteen, because of some of the stuff in it.
My overall reaction to this T.V. show, however, even though, yes, some parts of it are questionable, is that I look forward to Season 2 and when it is released on DVD. In the meantime, well I'd better go and see what is happening and hope that Season 2 lives up to my expectations. :)

God Bless


  1. Sounds awesome! I must watch them.

    I can't believe Malcom is played by the same actor as Captain Jack from Doctor Who! Is he just as good? (sorry if you don't like Jack, but he's one of my favourite companions along with Donna!)


    1. They are really good!
      Really? That is a conicedence. But than there are lots of actoris who seem to go everywhere and do very different types of moives and T.V. shows.
      I don't watch DW. But I suppose that he did a good acting job. I just didn't like his character. :)

      Thanks for the comment, Kim. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. :)

  2. Hey Vellvin. I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award on my blog, check it out and keep it goin'! http://castleintheair-inspired.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-sunshine-award.html

    1. Thank you, Lizzie. Hoping to post it in a few days. :)


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