Sunday, 20 April 2014

A heads up!

I was going back through my films and t.v. shows and I noticed that some of them might need revamping, and some I haven't even posted about, or if I have, they were when I started blogging. (five years in September) and so are different from how I feel now or how I would format them. Anyway, so I want to present you with a list of ones which I'd like to do, and if you would be so kind as to comment as to which you'd be most interested in seeing, I'll post them. Of course, if no one tells me their preference I'll simply post whichever I like. :)

Hogan's Heroes. One of my all time favourite T.V. shows set in WWII, I did a blog post on this but it was one of my first ever, and I'd like to do another on it.

Arrow. About a vigilante, basically a mix of Batman and Iron Man but the episodes are well done and are quite addictive.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The best musical ever! If you don't like it then well, I don't know what to say to you.....
Yes, I know it's a desktop background but it's really cool! 
BBC Robin Hood series. Looking back, I want to do this again, I love the TV show, but sadly we don't have all of them on DVD, but the third season is the worst! The first two, awesome the third, *shudders*

The Scarlet Pimpernel. I love this movie! It's amazing based of Baroness Orczy's two novels, Eldorado and The Scarlet Pimpernel, I simply adore it, although the middle is a bit draggy at times. :)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I saw this last week and am currently working on a post (sort of) I thought it was really good! :D

Hornblower. This is also definitely coming. It's going to be a joint post of mine and Rogan's, we watched one of them the other night and they are just so well made and really cool!

Anyway I'd better go, I hope you are all enjoying Easter day! :)

God Bless


  1. We have All the Hogan's Heroes seires, so funny
    never seen Arrow but it looks really cool :D
    we have seven brides for seven brothers I love how it tells a story. :)
    I haven't seen that robin hood but I think I would like too.
    I haven't seen scarlet pimpernel but older brothers and sister have read the book.
    What to see captain America. Sibs are planing on watching the winter solder while home.
    haven't seen Hornblower.

    1. I agree Princess, they are so funny!
      Arrow is really cool, and the episodes are also really enjoyable, I can't wait to see season 2! :D
      Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is the family number one musical, and it is the best I've ever seen!
      You did watch a couple with us when you cam down, but there was only a few and it was really difficult to watch them.
      I read the book and then watched the movie, I love it, as do some of my younger siblings as well.
      Winter Soldier is really good!
      Hornblower is probably more of an acquired taste as it's a drama and is at sea but if you like that sort of thing, then I'm sure you'll love it! :D

      Thanks for the comment, Princess!
      God Bless,

  2. I have never seen Hogan's Heroes, though I have heard a lot about before.
    I have seen the first season of Arrow, and although it is addictive it's kind of hit and miss for me. I just wish there was one comic book show 9tv or film) where villains only died once...
    I sat through all three seasons of Robin Hood, and although I actually thought some parts of season three were ok, on the whole I agree that it was a fall off a cliff, with characters doing things way out of character, and making stupid mistakes, because...
    I have read the Scarlet Pimpernel and like it, seen Captain America and liked it 9surprise surprise)
    and Hornblower is not my style, though I read nearly all the books...
    i want to see the Arrow post. It seems like the only one where you might not just say 'everything is awesome! yay1"

    1. Hogan's Heroes is soooo good! If you've had a long day and just want something that will make you laugh, it's the ticket.
      Me, too! I hope Season 2 comes out on DVD soon. :) True, there are some episodes which were boring, or totally not worth my time, like the ones with Helena? She just needs to get run over by a car. :) I actually can't remember anyone 'not' dying, except for Malcolm, but I don't think it was actually confirmed that he was dead but that there had only been an attempt on his life. Also Helena, but she just needs to die as I really, really do not like her.
      That's good that you like both of them! I actually read the SC book before I watched the movie, which was really interesting. :)
      I listened to the second book on Audible, and I did enjoy it though there was a lot of language by Mr. Bush and also, it was told from his point of view. I probably prefer the movies.
      Arrow should be published within the next day or so. I'm about half-way done with it.

      God Bless,

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Skyline Spirit, thanks! That always makes my day! :D

  4. I must say out of the bunch the only movie I have heard of is Captain America and I haven't watched it. I think that any of them would be interesting!

    1. I'm doing Arrow but I'm close to finishing it, then I'm doing Cap probably. You should watch Captain America, it's really good! :) I'm glad you said all of them, because now I have an excuse to do any of them.
      Thanks for the comment, Kayla! :D

      God Bless,

  5. Definatly Captain America, Hogans Heroes(So funny) and Scarlet Pimpernel (Ian Mcellan as the Villan.

    1. :D All great choices! And Gandalf as the bad guy. absolutely the funniest thing ever, though he does do a good job at it. :)

  6. Did you make the BBC Robin Hood Background? I'm looking for a good one! =D

  7. No I did not. I found it one google. :)


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