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April Movie Quote Quiz Results...

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First off everyone, I'd like to apologise for not posting them yesterday, but seriously things have been really busy doing Easter cleaning and preparations and also I won't be posting anymore until Easter. Just so you know. :)
1. "I'm sticking it out." "And I say we go back to the woods." "No, not on your life." "That boy's got to have an education. He has a future. "Well, you may be right. A skinny kid like that would make a cracking good chimney sweep."
Movie: The Sword in the Stone. Characters talking: Merlin and Archimedes. People who got it right: *Benjamin* *Rogan* *Mummy*

2. "But I just adore everything Persian." "You've been to Persia, then?" "Yes, a hundred times. Along with St. Petersburg, Paris, Middle-Earth, distant planets and Shangri-la. And I never had to leave this room. Books are adventure. They contain murder and mayhem and passion. They love anyone who opens them." 
Movie: Inkheart. Characters talking: Aunt Elinor and Meggie. People who got it right: Rogan, Jamie, Mummy,

3. "Shut the window. That bird is giving me a headache." "Yes sir. You're giving the master a headache." 
Movie: Mary Poppins. Characters talking: George Banks and Ellen. People who got it right: *Benjamin* Rogan, JT, *Princess* *Arda* *Mummy*

4."Wait a minute. (Robin Hood) steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they love him for it? That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas."
Movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Character talking: The Sheriff of Nottingham. People who got it right: *Mummy*

5. "Good Arm!" "And, such lovely, flowing locks."
Movie: Brave. Characters talking: Merida and Fergus. People who got it right:  *Rogan* Princess, *Jamie* *Kim* *Mummy*

The Princess Bride

6. "Surrender." "You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept."
Movie: The Princess Bride. Characters talking: Prince Humperdink and Wesley. People who got it right: *Sophie* *Benjamin* *Mummy* *Kim*

Okay, so I couldn't decide between these. 
7. "Travelers of (Narnia), I am your guide." "You are most beautiful." "If it is a distraction for you, I-I can change forms." "Noo!"
Movie: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Characters talking: Lilliandil, King Caspian and King Edmund.
People who got it right: Mummy, *Benjamin* *Princess* Jamie,

8."Great Scotland Yard! That's extraordinary!" "What is?" "Worthington's having a half-price sale on bowler hats!" "Really, (Thompson) This is hardly the time..." "Great Scotland Yard!" "What is it?" "Canes are half-price too!"
Movie: The Secret of the Unicorn. Characters talking: Tompson and Tomson and Tintin. People who got it right: *Princess* *Benjamin* *Sophie* *Rogan* *Mummy* *Kim*

9. "What are you girls doing?" "We're trying to get the funny man out of the well!" "Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well, that's one I've never heard before."
Movie: The Prince of Egypt. Characters talking: Tzziporah and her sisters. People who got it right: *Mummy* Jamie, Rogan,

10. "Do you think we'll meet some savages?" "If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting. "Ooh, gift baskets!"
Movie: Pocahontas. Characters talking: Wiggins and Governor Radcliffe. People who got it right: *Kim* *Mummy*  *Rogan* Princess, *Sophie*

Benjamin: 10
Mummy: 18
Rogan: 11
Sophie: 6
Princess: 8
Kim: 8
JT: 1
Arda: 2
Jamie: 5

And the winner is my very own, beautiful Mummy! :D Congratulations, Mum! :D
Thank you to everyone who participated, I had so much fun doing this and the response was tremendous, thank you. :D
Anyway I'd better go. Tally-ho!

God Bless


  1. I can't believe I went so well!

    1. :D I'm glad you had so much fun, I certainly enjoyed reading your answers. :)

  2. I am surprised I went so well. :D


    1. I wasn't sure at first who had won, you did a great job! :)

  3. Hurrah
    I did it
    Thank you sweetie

    1. :D It's hardly surprising though. ;)
      Your welcome, love you <3

  4. No fair! Of course your mum has seen all those movies :) I really had fun with this quiz. I'm glad my posts registered. Can't wait for the next one! Have a great Easter.

    1. :D Yeah, also because it says in the rules you can get family members to help so if she didn't other people gave her hints. :) I'm glad you had fun! :D
      You too.
      God Bless,


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