Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tongue Twisters

Yesterday we were watching "Singing in the Rain "together while Mum, Dad and Trahaearn were out shopping for Corbyn's birthday. We got to the part where the guy is saying all the tongue twisters and fortunately with sub titles it is easier to work out what they are saying. Do you like saying tongue twisters? I do. My favourite tongue twister from singing in the rain was this one "

Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter,
seized his knees and sneezed."

This tongue twister isn't as hard to say but now try saying this one from singing in the rain

”Chester chooses chestnuts,
cheddar cheese with chewy chives.

He chews them and he chooses them.
He chooses them and he chews them. . .

. . .those chestnuts, cheddar cheese
and chives in cheery, charming chunks. ”

Now I'd find that really hard to say, what about you?
I googled 'tongue twisters" and I also found these nice tongue twisters. Learn them and than say them really fast ans see if you get mixed up.

"There was a fisherman named Fisher"
"who fished for some fish in a fissure."
"Till a fish with a grin,"
"pulled the fisherman in."
"Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher."

You have to say this one fast three times.

Wrist Watch
Wrist Watch
Wrist Watch...

Anyway I think that tongue twisters can be amusing and fun. And they are great to get people to say, and than to hear them say them fast is the best thing about them!

God Bless


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