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This post has spoilers in it.

I got Entwined from the library a few days ago and I had to wait for Mum to preview it. She said I could read it. I started to read it on Wendsday morning but only read a small bit of it. I read more of it on Thursday and that night when Mum came up to say good night I asked her if she could stay with me while I went to sleep. You know why?
The book freaked me out.
But lets just start from the start and get to what scared me later alright?
Okay starting off, it is not as good as Princess of the Midnight Ball no, I didn't finish Entwined, no, that's right, I didn't. Entwined had a slower start and took a while to get into whereas Princess of the Midnight Ball was like first chapter Galen has the old woman give him the white and black wool. Oh, yeah that's probably what was so ah! None of the guys in Entwined beat Galen. None of them! Fairweller (not quite sure if I spelt his name right) I really liked and Lord Teddie but seriously Galen is like so cool.
Azalea is a caring sister. I acknowledge that and she was close to her sisters another plus, Clover and Bramble I really liked and it was funny the night Lord Bradford comes and everyone's pestering him.
The King I didn't like very much at the start but he grew on you because you got to hear and learn more about him.
One of the things I was like, oh that's stupid' was that the girls are like "Oh, look its a secret passage, lets go down it and see what's inside.' They didn't even take a long knife or anything did they? I would have if I had been them. Maybe a sword instead hmmm.
Now the scariness and creepiness well, they actually have a name, yes, a name.
Keeper. I myself like to call him Keeper the Creepy, rhymes too. He's a little strange at the start and than your like "OH MY FLIPPING HECK HE IS SO SCARY!" Like living on the top of the pavilion stealing the needle and the brooch being just so scary. I much prefer the bad guy from J. D. George's who isn't like so creepy. Than his demanding that they find the magical object and destroy it and than saying you can't come back if you don't find it" blah, blah, blah. I mean seriously? Who'd want to go dancing after that sort of thing I mean Keeper want to set himself free 'Alarm bells' ringing Azalea are really slow and than when she finds out he's D'Eathe mad guy who wants to set himself free so he can kill the general. (not knowing the killing part of course) but its just first they walk down the staircase,a and than there are all these people there than they all disappear then this guy says they can come back whenever they want and than things which they bring start going missing and than he wants to be set free? Also the part with Azalea's mother and Keeper was way to creep. More creepy than anything else this guys keeping souls and stuff (never found out if this was true).

So if it hadn't of had Keeper the Creeper so very creepy and sneaky (that rhymed) I would have finished it but after that I don't think so.
I got Mum to tell me the rest of the story and it sounded a little long winded but than some books are like that and I was glad that Mum told who ended up with who. And that's it. I would say that if I had been a bit older I would have looked at Entwined in a different light but at the moment I still think it's creepy.
And yes, a recommendation of age I think is appropriate for this book:
15 and up I'd say maybe 16 or up.

Sorry if this post is a little hard to deceiver but than that's how I wrote it. :)

God Bless


  1. Oh man ! Now I have to read it! Sorry it scared you sis. :(


  2. Well it sure did scare me! And you STILL haven't read it!


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