Monday, 23 April 2012

Of Tags and Awards.

Recently I have been thining about making my blog award free and tag free.
My reasons are easy to explain if you'll follow me.
I am sure you kn ow that blogs go stages and seasons just as people do and while I have enjoyed tags and awards in the past I just feel that is not  where i am right now
And so ............
1. Although I love people tagging me and I am very happy when people do I find it tiring to answer questions over and over again even if they aren't actually the same questions.
2. I don't find writing the tags out in a post enjoyable. Sometimes they pop into my head and I realise that I really should go and do that blog post when I want to do another post.
3. Because the posts aren't actually my own originals they don't feel as special or fun to do.
4. I find it hard to tag people. I hate having to going an tell how-ever-many-bloggers I tag that they've been tagged.
Sometimes my reaction to doing a tag is like this.

5. I hate tags especially which say 'Tag this many people." I usually don't do that amount which they tell me but still it's annoying.

So those are my reasons. I am sorry if you have tagged me recently but I just don't feel like tags at all any more. Or awards. I might do an occasional tag if someone says anyone can do it sort of thing but thing but only if I want to.

God Bless

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  1. Hey! I just want to say that you have a really pretty blog! :)


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