Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Youngest Templar!!!!

When going to pick up "The Lost Stories" with Mum, Dad, Arwen and Trahaearn. Mum found the first two books of an awesome trilogy called "The Youngest Templar"
She started to read them and after I'd finished The Lost Stories I nabbed the first book and than after a bit the second. They are really entertaining, easy to read and fun!
They are set in the almost 12 hundreds.
The plot:
Tristan never knew his parents, someone left him on a steps of a monastery and Brother Tuck found him and looked after him along with the other monks. He was left with a note saying that he is innocent and he is wrapped in a blanket which is not of the peasant kind. Fifteen years later a retinue of Templars who are travelling to Dover and thence to the Holy land find him and a certaing Knight called Sir Thomas asked Tristan if he would become his squire and accompany him to the Holy Land because his last squire had to return home. They capture the city of Acre and than are under siege by the Saracens and Sir Thomas seeing that all is lost entrusts Tristan with the Sacred Cup know as "The Holy Grail" and shows him a tunnel which he might escape through to get out of Acre. Thus the adventure begins.
But why were the Kings Guards stalking him in Dover?
Why did King Richard start when Sir Thomas introduced Tristan as his squire to him?

They are very good books and my favourite is probably the 3rd "Orphan of Destiny"
which we got from the library only a few days ago!! I finished it in no time.  And the ending was great. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for something good to read :)
God Bless

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  1. I love Templars! They are, without a doubt, the greatest example of Catholic Chivalry ever! Hence the reason we called our airsofting squad, the Knights Templars. In 2014, Lord and Lady Productions is hoping to launch a film focussing on a man who's life changes when he enters the Templars and also when the Knights Templar's were persecuted and disbanded.

    -The Pimpernel


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