Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Leap Year. :)

Well, we are back from our holiday of two weeks and we had a very enjoyable time. :)
We went to Autumn's Deb on the last Saturday before we left where Autumn AND Anna-Lisa we both doing their debs. It was really fun. :) It was kind of good leaving and kind of sad leaving Melbourne behind us. :(
You know how you get that sort of happy but sad feeling like at the end of Return of the King that's what I mean :) I will (hopefully) be sharing pics and the information on our trip soon :)
Anyway the night before we left we on the boat the next evening we watched this film called "Leap Year" about a girl who wanting to get her boyfriend to propose to her goes to Ireland where her boyfriend is already and being a old Irish tradition that girls could propose to their boyfriends on February 29th Leap year. :) Thus, the title.
My first thoughts were actually a little like "Will the little kids like or will they get bored?" Another of my problems is I'm not very good with just romance movies and expected it to be like pretty boring. But to my suprise it wasen't :) It was much better than "Letters to Juliet. "

Did anyone else like the line
"Heads I win. Tails you lose."

Good: Lovely story and storyline. Set in Ireland. Great Comedy. Great Irish accents. :)
Bad: Language mostly with some "not so very modest scenes"
Language: Taking God's name in vain mostly as well as Jesus.

I LOVE Declan :)

 Great movie. :) more of a big kids movie.
4 out of 5 stars.
God Bless


    Declan is such an awesome character, Matthew Goode is so beautiful!

  2. Yeah, I like that line too. (Though I've never seen the movie. Or even heard of it before.) It is also in one of Brian Jacques's books. I think it might have been Taggerung...Only with a small change. A sea otter is trying to get past a Turkey Buzzard so he spits on a flat pebble and says "All right, I'll flip this stone, matey. Wet side, I win, dry side, you lose." Buzzard: "Yes, yes. Very good!"
    -JT's little sister and fellow Redwall fan

  3. @Hi Milisande! Have to agree with you there. :)
    Anonymous thanks!! Yeah, clever aren't they? Thanks for commenting. :D
    Love Vellvin.

  4. I liked this movie and agree with other comments, language, taking God's name in vain, etc. Declan likeable and loved the way he called her suitcase by designer name. He was more attractive as mivue went on. But I prefer Letters to Juliet ten times more.


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