Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Stylish blogger award!

My dear sister Autumn gave me this award and now I am (finally) doing it!
The rules for this award state that I must share 7 things with you all, so let us begin!

  1. I'll sometimes laugh at little remarks or phrases which are said and when I have finally stopped laughing and I explain what was so funny everyone are like "That was all?"
  2. I am a bookaholic and I LOVE reading any good book which is cool.
  3. I love sunny days and although i like rainy nights cloudy days always make me feel a little gloomy.
  4. I love listening to music and sometimes behave like a lunatic when its turned on.
  5. I love to change the computer background with what I call "Cool pictures"
  6. When I'm on Facebook and none of my friends have done anything I'll just look at the fan pages instead 'cause they might have something interesting to read on their walls.
  7. My wardrobe door and my wall in my room around my bed are not coated in pictures and the nmost I probably have is 8 on the wall begind my bed and they are pretty much just Narnia, Pirates of the Carribean, Eragon, Star wars and my crucifix and pictures of Jesus and Mary 
  8. I love dancing such as the "Pride of Erin" and "The Jive"
 And now, to pass the award onto five blogs that I love to read.
Jamie over at Through Two Blue Eyes I love Jamie's post and especially her star wars posts. :)
Mirriam over at Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden She is a rather cool blogger and her sketches and stories are very interesting.
Jessica over at safirewriter I haven't read Jessica's blog for that long but I know that she is a great blogger, and that her posts always make my day! She is also a fellow writer and she is rather cool :)
Nana over at by the way Nana is an interesting blogger and her blog is a very nice sort of one. :)
Grace over at Imagination Plus Creation Grace is a very good blogger and we are real life friends and her blog is awesome! :)
Ah, so there we are. Oh, and if anyould like to take the award than be my guest :)
God Bless

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  1. OMGoodness, thank you for awarding me! YAY for Star Wars friends! :)


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