Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kids town!!!!

One of our big outings while we were away was going to "Kid's Town" a huge playground which was desinged not just for little kids but for big kids as well.
We had a great time and here is a LOT of pics of that day some of them aren't captioned but still some of them are.
Well, need to go!!!


Yep, that's me there

Our picnic table

Now these slides were cool!!


Trahaearn <3

Some of us on the big swing.

Miss Arwen

Kynan was grear at the swinging things :)

Oh, yeah

Dad wasen't too good at the swinging things. :P

Some of us were having a competiton to see who could be spun the most. :)

Braedon and Anna-Lisa :)


Oh, dear we had an accident

"Of course I'm experienced!!"

Some of us up in a tree. I'm the one wearing the bl;ue hat in the centre.

We had a little vechile problem

"Why do the little kids playground get the cars?!"


Mummy and Trahaearn
God Bless

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