Thursday, 25 February 2010

Report on Ash Wensday.

Ash Wensday: In the morning Mummy and Autumn with Arwen and Moran. Took Moran to her blood-test. When Mummy and the others got home we got into tidy clothes and went to Ash Wensday. Just after Eden had received communion Guess what! She fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that's just what happened to Saxobn 3 years before at Ash Wensday! One of of the Lady's at Church rang an ambulance for Eden. And very luckily there was a Doctor at the Ash Wensday mass. So Me, Autumn, Rogan, Moran, Myffwyn, and Corbyn. all went with a lady called Merin to the Presbatry where the priest's live. Sister Carmel was there also and they got us some lunch. while we where eating our lunch Saxon came in and told us what had happened with Eden and that Mum had told him to come and stay with us while she took Arwen to the hospital after our lunch we went into one of the rooms an did some drawing. At that point I had a huge headache and a little while after Rogan said he felt sick so Merin took Rogan outside into the sunshine I myself was leying on the floor by then and felt worse I didn't want to go outside though and after a little while I said to Saxon "Saxon I quick open the door I'm going to throw up!" I only just made it outside before I threw up then after I had thrown up I went to sit down with Rogan who was after a second throweing up as well just then father Felix drove up in his car and Merin said she better call Mummy to see where see was Thankfully Mummy was on her way FINALLY! And me, Eden and Rogan where in the sick bay for the next two days it was awful! So this what happened to me on ash Wensday what about YOU?

God Bless

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  1. I forgot about ash Wednesday. It is awful that you were sick. My worst fear is throwing up cause once I had it sooooo bad. How come Edyn fainted. If you want email me.

    Love, Annie


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