Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Warm Hugs tag....sort of.

Hi guys! :)
Arda tagged me with the Warm Hugs Tag if I wanted to do it, seeing as the questions were interesting and I thought I would enjoy it, I decided to go ahead and do it. :)

The rules:
1. Follow the blog that tagged you (optional).
2. Include two or more pictures that include your favorite characters, books, movies, or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
3. Tag five or more bloggers and tell them.
I found this just now. Not in the movie but isn't it a great picture?
That's one.

That's two.

4. Answer the blogger’s ten questions related to characters, books, movies, or lyrics.
5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing.

1. Do you listen to any podcasts?
No, not really. I tried to listen to the first one over at JandProdcutions when James was doing them but honestly, I did not really have something else to do while I was listening to it, and I prefer to listen and do something at the same time. What can I say, I multi task.

2. At what point did you know you were into your main fandom(s)?
The point when I was basically photo-bombing my blog with pictures of them. :) And thinking about them, like a lot and obsessing over them. :)

3. What are you currently reading and/or watching?

I just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I am now reading Little Men. It is sooooo good! I've been watching Season 2 of Arrow. But have decided that I'm going to be steering clear of that for a while.
Hopefully tonight we'll be watching The Hunger Games. :)

4. Writing in books - yes or no? Absolutely! My name and when I got it. If it is a gift from someone I'll write who it is from. :)

5. Who is the funniest character you like?
Umm, hard question. Percy Jackson comes to mind. Yep, probably Percy Jackson. Because the books are from a first person perspective and the way he describes things and his attitudes toward some people/creatures is hysterical.
This is my personal favourite:
“A demigod!" one snarled. "Eat it!" yelled another. But that's as far as they got before I slashed a wide arc with Riptide and vaporized the entire front row of monsters. "Back off!" I yelled at the rest, trying to sound fierce. Behind them stood their instructor--a six-foot tall telekhine with Doberman fangs snarling at me. I did my best to stare him down.
"New lesson, class," I announced. "Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword. This change is completely normal, and will happen to you right now if you don't BACK OFF!" To my surprise, it worked. The monsters backed off, but there was at least twenty of them. My fear factor wasn't going to last that long. I jumped out of the cart, yelled, "CLASS DISMISSED!" and ran for the exit.”
See what I mean. :)

6. What is your favorite soundtrack?
I ADORE soundtracks. Probably the one I currently really, really love is the soundtrack from The Last Samurai. It is a soundtrack which is very easy to just fade into and lose track of where you are up to but it it also very nice. Plus it runs for about an hour and is perfect for listening to when doing an hour-long subject. I also enjoy listening to it while writing. Great mood music.

7. Do you like to reread/rewatch things?
Yes, sometimes I over re-read things. And then they get dull. Then they go to the back of my book case so that next time I get them out they'll be as interesting as they used to be. As to re-watching things. Yes, as long as I'm in the mood. I've been wanting to re-watch LOTR for a while now. The problem is no one else has been that interested in the idea.

8. What character inspires you the most?
I don't know. At the moment I'd say a very inspiring character is Peeta Mallerk from The Hunger Games. Or it might just be that I am currently very much liking a lot. He is definitely up on my Heroes list. He is amazing. :)

9. What is a smaller or lesser-known fandom you think is great? The Fairy-Tale novels! They are amazing re-tellings of fairy tales set in modern days by Regina Doman. Fish is amazing too.

10. What movies are you still looking forward to this year?
There are only a few but here goes: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Hunger Games: Mockinjay part one, and Night at the Museum three.

The tagging part:
Honestly I just wanted to answer the questions mostly and seriously I'm feeling lazy and really don't want to tag anyone or make ten questions. Yep, lazy me. :)

God Bless


  1. Hi there, Vellvin! I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading your blog and stop by practically every day :-) I've been planning on leaving a comment for a while but am just now getting around to it . . . I blog with my sis, Clare-Therese, at "The Best Thing Since D5W", and we would love it if you could drop by every now and then! We're both Catholic, from a homeschooling family in the US. Basically . . . my mom has followed your mom's blog, and I found out about you there! So yeah! We'd love to hear out of you sometime!

    By the way, I love The Last Samurai soundtrack, too!

    God Bless

  2. Hi there Mary-Faustina! :) Thank you, I'm glad to hear you enjoy my blog so much. I have the some problem with blogs-saying I will leave a comment and then don't for ages. Hehe, dropping by now and following. Looks like a pretty cool blog.
    Yeah, that soundtrack is awesome!

    God Bless,


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