Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Slice of Cupcake (I'm not even sure that's possible).

So you remember that update blog post I was going to do? Well here it is. Random bits of random stuff.

On Wednesday after Mum and I dropped Eden off for her exams we went and did some shopping. But not just any shopping. One of our very good friends' birthday parties is next month. It's a Disney dress-up party and you have to dress up as someone from a Disney movie.

I thought for ages that I'd loved to come as Maid Marian from the Disney version of Robin Hood. All time favourite movie when I was little as well. But the thing is, to get an outfit like hers would mean lots of lollie and probably too much stress to like the idea.
And then about the start of this month it hit me. Marvel is owned by Disney. *hint hint nudge nudge* and so I decided I would come as one of the main girls from one of them. Now, guess who I have decided on.

Nuh. Not Pepper Potts.
Nuh. Not Jane Foster.
Nuh. Not Natasha Romanoff.

Drum roll please....Peggy Carter!

And her outfit was surprisingly easy to get! I have a skirt that needs to be modified a bit, a leather jacket, shoes, and I need a belt for around my waist and a gun. This young lady has done a nice video on how to do her make-up and hair and that is what I'll use for my base.

Saxon and Eden have also been invited. Eden is coming as Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (one of the scariest Disney movies I ever did see!) and Saxon is going to come as Walt Disney. :D
I'm really excited!

After we finished clothes shopping me and Mum went to a cafe/coffee shop and had scones and a muffin and hot drinks. I had a Chai latte and it tasted delicious!
Just look at it. Doesn't it look delicous.
I also was able just to talk to Mum about something I had had on my mind and it was just nice for the two of us to have to one-on-one time.

Mum and I have been doing Trim Healthy Mama. It's basically a healthier way of eating that actually works and helps with weight loss! Both Mummy and I have already lost weight and it's so easy and I really love it! To find out more about it: That being said, when we went to the cafe we went off plan :O

I've been reading a few different books. I finished the Hound of the Baskervilles the other day. It was very enjoyable but I found that at some points I was rather freaked out! I read the last sixty pages (or something like that) in under 24 hours. I was rather proud of myself. :)

I finished listening to The Hunger Games after unsuccessfully trying to find the book. I'm now starting to read Catching Fire. I think I like Peeta better than Gale but then he has had more 'screen time'.

The younger kids are watching Prince Caspian while I write this. Do you realise that it is six years old now?

Watching things like Narnia or Star Wars bring back so many memories for me. And realising how much I love them, too. I think once we've finished watching Star Wars together (we've got the Original trilogy left) we should do Narnia. And can I say just how much I love Edmund in Prince Caspian? And Lucy, of course. And Trumpkin.
(The Chronicles of Narnia)

Is anyone else on Goodreads? I've been using it recently. Here is the link to my page:

Hopefully I'll be able to post my MQQ in a few days. Ciao!

God Bless


  1. Hi Vellvin,

    Ah, the joys of Marvel being owned by Disney! Have fun dressing up as Peggy!

    That latte definitely looks delicious.. I want one, now!

    At the end of the first Hunger Games book, I also liked Peeta more than Gale. I read the trilogy about a month ago - shan't spoil anything, though!

    Six years?! Wow! I remember when it first came out! I didn't realize that it had been that long!
    Edmund has always been my favourite character in the Narnia series!


    1. Hey Helena.
      Thanks I will! I'll have to make sure I take a photo as well so I can put it on here. :)

      Well, it's a picture I found on the internet (not the actual one I had) but it was delicious anyway.

      Hunger Games is awesome! I've almost finshed Catching Fire. 'Tis pretty interesting....

      Yes, I feel so old. :P I have always liked Lucy but Edmund really stands out in Prince Caspian (the movie that is). He seems so mature compared to Peter and Caspian when they bicker.

      Thanks for the comment, Helena!

      God Bless,


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