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Things I love and hate to see out shopping

I live just outside a city, and chances are I go into about once a week, more so sometimes, mostly to help go shopping or to pick up siblings from work with everyone else. This does not of course include going to mass.
But there are some things that I love to see in the malls or shops, and some things that I just can't stand.
Lets start with the things I cannne stand, as these things are easier to think of. :)

1. Irresponsible teenagers. NOTE: Teenagers to me is a term used for immature young people who don't act their age. I see this a lot, a group of girls, a group of guys, who don't even see what life is about, they seem to goof around, or go shopping, or yeah, just not seem to do much that is actually constructive. I know that having fun in groups is enjoyable, but the groups I single out are the ones who seem like they've got time on their hands and no responsibility.
I know that might sound a little harsh, but there are some who seem to act like they are ten year olds, rather then the early adults that they are, and also should be acting like
Do not let the cuteness of this picture have any effect on said statement. It might look cute, but it is certainly not something I would ever want my child wearing. When I have children, that is. :)
2. Kids on leashes. I could give every parent I saw a good talking to about this, it's absolutely ridiculous, and also, it makes it seem like your little son, or little daughter, is just a dog you're taking for a walk. And this does not give your child the respect that it deserves. Also it shows that you either don't care, or that you can't be bothered to stop your child from doing things-like touching stuff that they shouldn't- and that it seems that you as a parent, aren't really parenting. Thankfully, I don't see this often, which is great, but when I do, I get really mad.
3. Inappropriate dress and/or stores. This includes people who wear immodest clothes, and also stores that put things like underwear out the front for EVERYONE TO SEE! Yes, how does that make you feel?Underwear is not for show, it is because you need it and you aren't there to show off your body either. I know that some people have not been taught about modesty, but seriously, can't you work out for yourself that you shouldn't be wearing that. Also note: I am rather judgmental when it comes to things like this.
This is me. 
4.Music! Music everywhere! Seriously there is no place that you cannot hear music, even at public bathrooms you hear it and chances are, it's not even decent, or clean music. And therefore, they shouldn't be playing it. I remember being in Kmart one time and Mum started listening to a song, and then commented on the fact that it was soooo not appropriate. Of course if they played classical/clean music I wouldn't have a problem, but more often than not, they don't.

Things I love to see when I'm out:

1.Old couples going shopping together.
I basically die of happiness when I see this. In a society where Marriage can be destroyed very easily, I love to see these couples, dressed up, and out shopping together. They just seem to scream 'commitment' to me, and that is, as we know, most important.They are seriously the cutest couples around!
Arms of children around you

2. Parents disciplining their children. I don't mean like 'You are so naughty blah blah blah' but the other day when I was out shopping with Mum and the others, we walked past a lady who had two children in her trolley, anyway one of them I think hit the other, and the Mother told him he shouldn't be doing it, but it was the way she said it as well, it was so gentle, yet she was disciplining him. Much more different than those fat mothers who loudly complain about their naughty children and yeah, they are the kind who really get on my nerves. :) Though I do understand that sometimes it is hard to be patient when you've told them for about the sixth time. :)

3. Having good service from sales' people. You know those people with the personality of a brick? Yeah, those are the kind of people I'm talking about, or the people who insist on telling you their life stories and you think. 'How does this person think they can manage to fit in there life story in under five minutes?'. I expect good service from the people who are serving me, after all, it's them who are getting paid, not me, right?
Common courtesy is very important. This is something that I like to see, but am sometimes rather disappointed with. Such as at McDonalds, but that's a story for another time. :)

Anyway I'd better go. :)

God Bless


  1. Agree especially the leash one
    Love you

    1. :D I thought you might, Mummy. After all, great minds think alike! :)
      Love you, <3

  2. Great post! I totally agree with all the above. I am glad that there are still people like you that care.

    1. Thanks! It's one I've been sort of thinking about doing for a while. :)

  3. I agree with you on almost all of these. I am actually dreading having to take a catechism class next year, (where we live it's required before getting confirmed,) because the rest of the kids in the class are sooooooo immature. They honestly act like spoiled six year olds.

    Our town plays music from speakers hung on telephone poles, so no matter where you are. They don't always play "bad" music, though: a few times I've even heard the Rat Pack or the Beatles!

    I don't fully agree with you on the leashes, though. When I was little, I even wanted a leash, I liked pretending to be a dog so much. I wouldn't like it if I saw people using them instead of teaching their kids to behave, but that isn't what I've seen. My grandma actually made one for my uncle. He was just so active, that had she turned her back for one second, he would be gone like that *snaps fingers.* my little brother was like that, too, and he got lost quite a few times. It wasn't that Mom didn't keep an eye on him, but he was quite the little monkey/troublemaker, and didn't really take notice of reproofs. So I wouldn't totally condemn leashes: they are sometimes really necessary.


    1. Yes, maturity doesn't seem to be the top on a lot of peoples list anymore. I hope you go well at it anyway. :)

      There are a few times when I hear a familiar song which I like, but mostly its horrible stuff which is rubbish or just too bumpy and the words are just irrelevant.

      I loved playing to be a dog, too! We even made leashes out of wool, and all my younger siblings have done the same. The thing that I find with the leash is that people just seem to be trying to get out of responsibility that is rightfully theirs, and their children aren't going to learn any better if they just have restrains and no one tells them to 'not' go there, or to 'stay' near them because the leash does it for them. Also, I think it is degrading to children as it seems that they are treated no better than animals.
      Thanks for the comment MAS :) We don't have to agree and I don't have a problem with that. :)


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