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Frozen Vs Tangled from two different perspectives.

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There has been a lot of discussion in our house as to which of these Disney' movies are better. Some prefer F others T but today me and mt brother Rogan are doing a blog post on what we think is better in both films. Also take note, we are in the T team. 

We'll start with the Princesses:
Rogan's Perspective :) (Vellvin adds comments now and then in red.)
Anna and Elsa- Vs Rapunzel (notice that there's only one princess in T instead of two because shes awesome enough to beat both from F)

Rapunzel- Has more character depth and is more naive and excitable.
she seems more open and happy than Elsa and a little bit more than Anna (that's probably a bit unfair to Elsa though) She is also more happy with life and have you seen the amount of chores she does every day? Very accomplished. Also I love how she grows through the film.  
Elsa-I think  I did feel a bit sorry for Elsa, but I don't think she's the best roll model either, She was quiet and nice at the start but I don't like the whole 'breaking free thing' you are who you choose to be  and in saying that this is who you are now and stuff like that is Stupid. I like Elsa at the start at her coronation. Though I do like 'Let it Go' it can also seem like Elsa doesn't care about anyone anymore, it's all about her. I know she had a lonley childhood but things like 'No right, no wrong no rules for me' irkes me. 
Anna- She is a bit impulsive and a little naive. She get's a bit confused with her feelings and get's reeled in like a sea bass (Sorry inside joke.) A great joke too. :) Anna just seems very tursting, in Rapunzel this is an advantage, in Anna it's not because she trusts' Hans and hes not one to be trusted, but serously we were a;; rather reeled in don't you think? 

Vellvin's Perspective: (Rogan adds comments now and then in green).
Kristoff vs. Flynn Ryder
Okay, well, in my opinion Kristoff just wasn't in it enough! And I was actually rather annoyed that he didn't sing a song with Anna, seriously! They couldn't do that could they, I mean, he's the Prince! Duh!
I do agree that he should have sung a song with Anna, but Anna sings a pretty good song with Prince Hans
( which we both love)
 Kristoff was certainly sweet, kind and gentle, but how can he compete with swashbuckling Flynn Ryder and the mighty fry-pan? Sorry, couldn't resist. :P And Kristoff doesn't have a weapon and the fry pan with Flynn is interesting.

 Flynn was in it from the start whereas Kristoff was there and gone and then he came back. So in a sense, he wasn't a secondary character like Flynn who was basically a main character, Flynn was basically the Elsa of Tangled. I think Kristoff  didn't have very much character at least not as much as Flynn who by the way is awesome.
 I actually prefer Prince Hans over Kristoff, and PH seems to be in it more than Kristoff. Also, Flynn has this whole journey thought T, where he learns that what he thought he wanted wasn't what he did actually want, and he had this whole growth, and stopped being selfish and tried to get Rapunzel out of danger, seriously, he's pretty awesome! :D

Rogan's perspective on the Animals and fantasy creatures.
Sven- I admit I wasn't really touched by Sven but i think he grows a bit on you he's a bit dumb compared to Maximus. but he is quite loyal to Kristoff and is more friendly than Maximus or Pascal.
Maximus- i think Maximus is my favourite animal. He's a tough guy on the outside but sweet in his own way on the inside he also  loves apples and Sven likes carrots they both have healthy diets.

Olaf- I didn't like Olaf that much to start with but like Sven he grew on me he is sweet when Anna is freezing.
he is very happy and care free and naive (my favourite word I know)  I didn't like his song to start with either but yet again it grew on me.
The Trolls-I think I was a bit disappointed with them at first because I thought the would be big and live in a cottage and there would be less of them at least that's what I imagined but I like them now and their song.

Vellvin's Perspective:
Story line: Tangled story-line is one full of fun and enjoyment, and the finale is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreaking. And Mother Gothel falls out the window and everything is better.
Frozen is visually stunning, that's true, but it seemed shorter to me somehow, did anyone else get that feeling?
Photo-shopped I know :)
We could go on about the music, about the villains, but truth be told, we have had enough.
We have a few differences in opinion, but smoothly we are of the same opinion. This post is not to degrade Frozen. it's a good movie, and entertaining, we are just comparing it with Tangled and in our eyes, it's not as great, that's for sure. :)
Rogan blogs over at Corners of my World 

God Bless


  1. I like Tangled a lot more now that Frozen has been released because it is a way better movie in my opinion. I liked reading your opinions both movies!


    1. :D Welcome to the club! ;) But Frozen has its good points too, for one, I like the music of it way better than Tangled, especially 'Love is an Open Door' :) I really should watch Tangled again. Thanks! We had fun doing it.

  2. Dear Vellvin,
    Great do blog post. Perhaps this could be a trend for you both
    Good ideas
    Love Mummy

    1. Thanks Mummy. Yes, We've been talking about doing that, it shall be fun when we do it again!
      Love you too, <3

  3. Great post! I think you two should blog together more to. I agree that Tangled is better than frozen in many ways. The two movies have a lot of the same reused tricks. Maximus and Sven = equine sidekicks etc. I also don't like all the "Freedom" pushing in todays movies. I'm 18 and I don't own a car, gun or cigaret. I have never really left my parents side. But I'm plenty free. (Sorry, don't mean to be carried away.) Good night. Good post. :)

    1. :D Thanks! We've planned a few, so yes I think we will. I've heard that from another friend, and yes in that regard I've got to agree. Oh yes! It's like being a kid and doing what you were told was the worst thing possible that could happen to you. :) I don't mind, i like to hear other peoples opinion and it seems on this we agree. :)
      Good Night!

  4. Hello... I couldn't help but notice that this post is too Tangled-centric. Not that I don't like the movie, I do. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't like Frozen just a little bit better. Actually... a lot better. Here's why:


    #1. I don't get the whole Rapunzel-is-awesome-enough-to-be-the-only-heroine-in-Tangled theory. The fact that Frozen has two princesses - actually a princess and a queen - doesn't diminish the awesome of either of those characters. I think it's safe to say Anna is the real protagonist, at any rate, and Elsa is a supporting character (though she does have her moments ;) )

    Fun fact: Elsa was supposed to be a villain when the writers first conceptualized Frozen.

    #2. The Plot Twist - No one, and I do mean no one, saw the plot twist with Hans turning out to be evil. Sorry, but Tangled does not give us that. It's just the reformed anti-hero Flynn. While watching Frozen (and especially during the fixer upper number), I kept wondering who Kristoff would end up with because, like the characters in the movie, I believed Hans was the one for Anna. The fact that he wasn't came out in an interesting and surprising fashion - well done, Disney.

    #3. True Love concept - We were all sighing/cringing when the concept of True Love's kiss reared its head inevitably in Frozen and once again, they surprised us by going in another direction: an act of true love, they dubbed it and it wasn't a kiss to a damsel in distress, it was a girl saving her sister. Sweet. I had to be biased at this point because, having a sister, it struck a chord with me.

    #4. How... I ask you HOW is the fact that Rapunzel did her chores even a factor in all of the points made in her favor?! It just meant she was obedient. If that's a trait you look for in Disney Princesses, I must *sigh* point out that Elsa is the epitome of obedience at the outset of the film. And though Anna got excited here and there, she always toed the line.

    #5. Let It Go - Elsa's breaking-free ballad. I'm sorry you were irked that it sent out a message that rebellion was good but I have to correct you. The song is about acceptance: Elsa finally accepting her powers and all she can achieve with it - and being okay with the fact that others won't. That's also what "No right, no wrong, no rules for me" means too, IMO. She's off on her own and she doesn't have rules to hold her back anymore. Honestly, she wasn't hurting anyone when alone. Just embracing all her awesome. That's freedom. Disney did NOT push it. At all.

    #6. Magic - Seriously... Elsa froze an ENTIRE kingdom over! That's awesome. You will argue that Rapunzel's hair can glow and heal... and I'm sorry. Did I say argue? I meant meekly try to defend but realize that's just nothing, NOTHING compared to the awesomeness of Elsa's powers. Sure, it was sad at first but look at how great it turned out it the end? She could actually control it!

    #7. Music - Let It Go won the Academy Award win for Best Original Song and a Critics' Choice Award for Best Song, as well as a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Song, for pete's sake! And how can it not, with Idina Menzel's oozing talent. All the songs in Frozen are ten times better than the ones in Tangled. Sorry - it's just a fact.

    #8. Leading men - Who cares if Flynn was in Tangled more?! I don't. Tangled just adds to the age-old princesses-need-rescuing stereotype and Frozen breaks that trend with one princess standing up for a queen, her sister, no matter what it costs her. She chose her sister over true love's kiss and I think that's a lot braver than anything Rapunzel ever did. Frozen is a feminist movie and is truly more empowering that Tangled ever was. And frankly... got a lot more laughs out of me, too :D

    I honestly hope I haven't offended anyone... just sharing my opinion and defending Frozen in the process :)


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