Sunday, 5 May 2013

My little brother Corbyn fell of his bike yesterday and he has a spiral fracture of the femur, we found out after Mum and Dad took him to the hospital. These were the updates as they progressed through the day off Mum's facebook page:
Prayers please Taking Corbyn to hospital he had fallen off bike and Hurt his leg - possible fracture? Or severe damage to ligament up top thigh Pray please for good doctor and knowledge and concern for him 

Update on Corbyn Yes fractured femur really high He is asleep on bed with pain relief not sure about management yet but big day ahead still Please continue prayers for him and the others at home I spiral fracture of the femur!!!! Poor little guy So he is going in for surgery but after two other cases firsts so we are just waiting He is miserable but I would rather we wait till tonight otherwise they will traction his leg overnight him and do surgery tomorrow So please would you all pray that it goes ahead and that the surgeon makes good decisions and it goes well for our little guy

 Our Corbyn is going in for surgery for his leg ( read below posts if this is new to you) Please pray for a successful outcome and peace for him.
He is very anxious.

Went well we think with sugery won't know much till tomorrow. he has pins in his leg he is sleepy and it is very painful Not sure when we can go home Thank you for all your prayers ❤

 End of updates.
 He is going to be at the hospital for two whole weeks and than another four (I think it is) on crutches. Our Grandparents are coming down to help us as someone has to be with him at all times because he is so little. Thank goodness they are!
I really really, would appreciate prayers, guys, if you would. :) Not just for Corbyn although that is great if you did. But also for us kids at home as we will have to try and cope as well with all this as well and still keep the house running and functioning. Please, just pray that everything will run smoothly for the healing of his leg and for smooth running at home.
Portrait: After a long day and back from surgery
Thanks Everyone! 
And here is my little man after surgery last night. He is an angel.
Lord Jesus, watch over us and help us, especially Corbyn.

God Bless


  1. Wow, that's terrible. I will be praying for your brother.


  2. I'm so sorry for you.

    Hope he gets better soon. : )

  3. Oh my goodness, how traumatic!! I will be keeping your whole family in my prayers, I hope your brother gets well quicker then later! :)



  4. @Thanks James, prayers are most appreciated. He is getting better each day.
    @Tully thank you for your comment he is going pretty well.
    @Jamie It was pretty traumatic for him. He is starting on crutches today and hopefully he will be back home next weekend! :D

    God Bless,


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