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Long Live Star Wars!!!

So I didn't actually do a Star Wars post on official Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) because I was busy. Anyway, here is an all-out Star Wars post from a Star Wars fan because I can! In other words my opinions of star wars in all its awesomeness.

Favourite Character: Anakin Skywalker

Yep, and everyone groans because they can't understand why I like him so much. I'm not saying that his whining doesn't get annoying but I am saying that he is a good character. Wher would you be without him in the first place?! You wouldn't have Star Wars at all!  And it wasn't Anakin who killed Padme, it was Darth Vader, period, exclamation mark! If you want a more in-depth post on why I like him go to this link here though it might not be as exact as it used to be because my opinions have changed slightly at a few points. :)

Okay, I decided that I could have two favourite characters, one from the originals and one from the prequels.
Han Solo. He's got great lines and is pretty proficient when it comes to killing storm troopers. Chewie is just a tad bit behind Han Solo and it is only recently that I have liked Han Solo more. It is interesting to see how he changes over the movies and I like how he loves Leia so much (though I do like Padme better than Leia just in case anyone was wondering.) He has great devotion to her and it is one of the best parts out of Return of the Jedi when he has just told Lando how crazy he is and than has volunteered to go down to Endor and blow up the shield.

Best line ever:

"I've got a bad feeling about this," and "May the Force be with you,"

Best movie ever:
Oh its such a hard choice, I love the start of episode 3 when they bring the Chancellor back but than after that I don't because Anakin turns bad, than in episode 2 I like some of it but the best part is the end with all the fighting. Episode 4 is another favourite and it was also the one I liked to watch most out of the Luke ones (that's what we call the originals).

Prequels vs. Originals
PREQUELS!!! Me and my siblings are very biased when it comes to that, we love the fact that we like the prequels while everyone else prefers the originals, it makes us feel unique. :) Also there is way much more shiny lightsabers which we love.

Who shot first Han or Greedo?
This is one of the questions which Star Wars fans all know the answer to, Han shot first! Even though George Lucas changed it after what? 30 years. Just keep in mind this is a very important point! :D
You could have a really nice argument with a Star Wars fan just on this point.

The old or young Anakin at the very end of Episode six?
Just for the record you should know that we had the episodes on video and then when they got broken we got our own Star Wars collection on DVD. In the video versions we had Han shooting first, and Anakin Skywalker just before he died and what he looked like at the end of Return of the Jedi where he is standing with Obi-Wan and Yoda. I myself like the younger Anakin but that is probably because I like him better. I guess it probably does make more sense for it to be Anakin (the old Anakin after Luke pulls off his helmet) but I like it better when its the young Anakin.

Boba Fett vs. Jango Fett?
Once again because I like the prequels better I am going to say Jango Fett. But can I ask a question? What does Boba actually do? Yes, I can give him credit for tracking down the Millenium Falcon but beside that what does he do? Jango is much cooler in my opinion.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

There is now competition here guys, Star Wars wins hands down. I remember trying to watch Star Trek and we all turned it off because it was so weird and creepy!

The Clone Wars?
I like the Clone Wars, there is no doubt about that, but stuff like bringing Darth Maul back and stuff like that doesn't really seem to click. I have only seen most of Seasons 1, 2 and the start of 3.
Anakin is very witty in these episodes but I just can't stand Obi-Wan's voice, he sounds too regal and posh and well, full of himself. I really like Ashoka though I can't say that I like how she calls Anakin 'sky guy' that annoys me. One of the best lots of Clone Wars episodes is when Boba is tracking Mace Windu down, the Rookies episodes about Fives and Echo and the Invasion of Kamino, the one where Count Dooku gets caught by Space Pirates and Anakin and Obi-Wan follow suit, and also the last one with Obi-Wans girlfriend (yeah and I don't like her). Clone Wars has its good points but it also has its bad points. I don't like some of the episodes very much though.

Best Sith Ever?

Though Darth Vader is probably the trademark of star wars, and he is an alright Sith in his own right, I think that my favourite Sith would have to be Darth Maul or Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious waited for years, he was very patient  he kept on with the whole 'I'm with the good guys' until he finally showed his true colours in RotS. I am partically fond of his one word proclamation 'POWER!!!'
Darth Maul on the other hand is the coolest Sith, EVER! No one can beat his awesome fighting skills in PM (also he is really fun to play as in Star Wars Battlefront 2) and just because he does not say very much doesn't mean he is a good bad guy. I'm not bagging out Darth Vader, its just that I think he is overrated.

Best Star Wars video parodies:

NOTE: The Robot Chickens are not all good and I have only got my favourites here. One of them does have some language and Yo Momma fight is a bit not good when it comes to mothers. :)

I can't believe that Darth Vader would let the Emperor say stuff like that about Padme though! 

Probably a little gruesome but I think its pretty funny.

Best musical pieces:

Star Wars pictures:

And to finish this post off, here's an awesome song about Yoda! :D
LONG LIVE STAR WARS!! And may the force be with you!

God Bless


  1. Well, you're right there are some cool things about Star Wars, but I have never been able to take it seriously since I realized that the exhaust pipe is wide enough for a missle and leads straight to the power center. (oops...) and then in RoJ when the pipe is big enough for the Millenium Falcon to fly in and out... Due to general family dismissal of the idea, I have not seen the originals since I was 12...
    Star wars does produce hilarious pictures though.:) (I once saw a hoodie in a gift shop printed with "Come to the Dark Side. We have pi (3.14)

  2. Happy belated Star Wars day! The pictures are hilarious, I've never seen the escalator one! That would be so awesome to see in real life.


  3. @JT thank you for the comment! :D
    Well maybe the made the pipe different in the new Death Star. I actually never noticed it before. How are you living?!?! You haven't seen the originals since you were 12?! What does that feel like?! So does that mean you have seen the prequels for recently or no star wars at all?
    Yes, they do make awesome pictures. :)
    @Jamie, and to you too! :) Thanks for the follow. Yeah, it would be so awesome! :D :D

    God Bless,

  4. No Star Wars at all...:D I survive on lotr. But now that I would understand it better I think I want to see the originals again...

  5. You should so totally see the originals again!!!!
    Star Wars and LOTR are on the same level for me! :)

    God Bless,

  6. While I am not the biggest fan of Anakin in the prequels, Darth Vader and The Clone Wars version of Anakin are great!

    Han Solo is awesome! My favorite hero from any work of fiction. :)

    I rarely say anything about people's grammar but I believe you meant "There is *no* competition" not "now" under "Star Wars vs Star Trek". :)

    Love the Robot Chicken videos! My favorite is "Little Orphan Ani" and that escalator is awesome!


  7. @James, I really love the version of Anakin in the Clone Wars, too!
    Whoops sorry for that little grammatical error, I was trying fast. :D Yeah but there isn't any competition anyway. :P
    I have seen the 'Little Orphan Ani' Robot Chicken but it is not one of my favourites.
    Yep, the escalator is pretty cool.

    God Bless,


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