Saturday, 19 January 2013

The importance of pockets on aprons.

Most people wear aprons to keep themselves clean when they are cooking and cleaning, not me! :D
My Mum says I'm rough on clothes which is probably true and it would make sense if I ever remembered    to wear an apron but
most of the time I forget.
For me apron's HAVE to have at least one pocket, or forget it. I made my own apron a few years back, with my sister Autumn and I remember it was a nightmare at the time, but its lasted a few years from the
This isn't what mine looks like. My apron covers my shirt too. It wouldn't be much use if it didn't. 
and I love it to bits!
My apron has a nice pocket on the left side of it. I use it for two things and two thins only: One, to put small things like toys and sting and other such stuff like it which I am too lazy to put away or two, to put my phone in. (I use it only for music in case you're wondering).
Because I usually wear a skirt and I don't like pants very much my apron is the only way that I can listen to music and audio-books while I do jobs. It wouldn't be so great if I didn't have a pocket in my apron.
Aprons are protections for clothes, but they are also great for putting things like and I-Pod in. It's not a full apron if it doesn't have a pocket.
In short, I love my apron! (Because it;s got pockets. :P)
God Bless

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  1. Dear Vellvin,
    I love seeing you in your apron.
    I adore aprons too and cant wait for some loving daughter to make me one :)

    Aprons suit you sweetie
    Love Mummy


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