Thursday, 31 January 2013

On what I did in the Holidays

So the Holidays are over and school is back. Partly I'm happy because its more structured and partly I'm sad because it means I have to get up at a specific time in the morning and to bed a certain time to get up again in the morning.
The thing's I did in the Holidays were not that many:
I celebrated Christmas which was a very beautiful and memorable day. I felt that it was indeed a beautiful and faith-filled Christmas. Filled with Family and laughter and joy.
Boxing Day: I didn't do many things on Boxing Day. It is always our recovery day, because Christmas is a very long exhausting day too. Mum and Dad went to see the Hobbit that evening...and loved it.
27th: Went and saw the Hobbit; it was amazing! :D
New Years Eve: Watched Thor with Braedon
He liked this part a lot, I think. 
 and the other older kids and Mum and Dad. Braedon seemed to like all of Thor's funny things he said,but he didn't think that Loki was that great a bad guy or his ambitions that great either.
New Year's Day: We went over to a friend's place and a lot of other Homeschooling people were there too. I met a girl named Rosemary and spent a lot of my time talking to her. I decorated a Pavlova while I was there as well. It was a very nice day. When we arrived home, about 30 mins later it was about 9 o'clock and Braedon had made dinner while we were out too.
My family and I went to a talk held at someone else's house who we know. I missed the actual talk though because I was helping with the little kid's who were watching video's and other such stuff because they wouldn't be able to understand or sit still. Two of the speakers were American's. One, was the President of Campion College and from what I heard him say, he's got an accent. :D Probably not an accent to fellow American's but to Aussies he did. :P
I bought a couple of books including the Scarlet Pimpernl which I have been searching for, for ages.
We had our very good Chinese friends stay with us for a night. It was a goof thing that it was Fish and Chips for dinner.
I finished reading the Hobbit and it was very good. Mirkwood and the end have got to be my favourite parts. I'm sooooo looking forward to the part where Thorin finds out what Bilbo did with the Arkenstone!
It will be very interesting. :D
I went bowling with Braedon, Autumn, Eden and Saxon last Thursday. We were invited by the older L kids so there was five of us and  four of them.
So I didn't hit all of them down in one lot in like ever. :P I was actually about the second worse
 I wasn't the most fantastic bowler; I sort of threw the ball onto the floor and it flew a little before it bounced finally (and very loudly) onto the ground. Thank goodness we were at the end of the line where the desk was farthest away from, tohugh there was a small desk right behind us where the people who worked there didn't go all the time. Plus, because of the interesting way I bowl (it was Braedon's idea not mine) I chose the heaviest balls.

Yes, so that's what I did in the Holidays. A nice lot if I do say so myself. Those things which I've listed are th major things I did. :)

God Bless

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