Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 Yikes!!

I really should have posted this the other day but I had a really full day because we went out to a barbecue at a family's place we have met in Wagga. It's quite a change for us though.

I stayed up the night before New Year's Day (and the first hour of new year's day). We watched Thor with Braedon who had promised to watch a movie of my choice because I watched something of his on Boxing Day.
It was kind of annoying how they're wasn't really any fireworks.  Delayed action kind of thing.
Does anyone else think that 2013 is a funny number? Just when I was starting to get used to 2012!
The highlights of 2012:
See this? It's bad for you! 
Going Grain 'n' Sugar free.- Yes, that was a really big thing for us. No bread, no wheat, no sugar. Adapting was difficult at first but than it got easier. We do have sugar and wheat now and again. Like when we go to  social gathering and there is sugar-filled wheat-filled stuff and than we get grumpy, hyper and stuff like that
Celebrating my Mum's and Dad's 25th Anniversary. -What more can I say? They're both so awesome and I love them both so very much. We made it very special for them...even decorated the table with silver pots and pans seeing as it was their 'silver anniversary'. And to another happy 25 years!!!
Moving-. We moved to Wagga Wagga, New South Wales on the 1st of September 2012. It was the adventure we had been talking and dreaming about for quite some time. We still have to sell our house but hopefully that will happen soon. We've met so many friendly people since we've moved ad it has been a real blessing. And I thank God for it!
Braedon and Anna-Lisa

Engagement- Braedon and Anna-Lisa became engaged in September. Braedon took Anna-Lisa out to dinner and than proposed to her in the Memorial Gardens. We leaned about it the next evening. We guessed though when Braedon said they weren't coming over until Dad got home. The Wedding is now set for the first or second week of July. They've even found the church where they are going to get married.
Christmas- Of course. :P Christmas is always a big event in our home with all the cooking and preparation also the going to Midnight Mass and the Midnight feast afterwards. :D It's always very exhausting.
The Hobbit- Seeing in at the movies was amazing. We've (meaning my family)  been waiting for years to see it! I am so delighted that its the new year now and so I can say, "The next part comes out this year!" You'd also be interested to know I've been reading the Hobbit. :) I'll be prepared next time. :D

I've made about fourteen new year resolutions but the ones of the top of my head are:
Read the Hobbit and all the LOTR. Exercise every day. Get up at 6:30 am each day. Read a chapter of my Bible each day(I did this one last year) Be a peacemaker and mind my own business. Spend more time doing craft and puzzles and that sort of stuff. Spend more time with my younger siblings. Well that's about half of them anyway.
And I just like to say!

God Bless


  1. I know its late but Happy New Year! :) Hope you meet your goals for next year. By the way, thanks for recommending the Assassin's Creed games, I bought 2, Brotherhood and Revolutions and they are great! Have you played Assassin's Creed 3 next?


  2. Hi, I am Anne. I found your blog and thought that it was so cool and now I am a follower. Which is really cool. I hope you don't mind that, but it is not everyday I find another Australian girl that is about my age. Well I hope your new year goes well.

  3. @James, I hope I meet my goals as well. :) It's sometimes more easy to break them instead of doing them.
    I haven't played Assassin's Creed 3, in fact we don't even own it! I've only played the first Assassin's Creed.
    @Anne, Hi, thanks for following my blog. :D It made my day. If you don't mind my asking how old are you? It's not every day I find another Australian girl who's commented on my blog either.

    Love, Vellvin.


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