Thursday, 20 September 2012

I'm absolutely crazy!

Yep I've been thinking about it all year doing NaNoWriMo.
Some of you might not know what NaNoWriMo is so I'll explain.
On the 1st of November you begin to write your own novel. You have to complete your word count in thirty days so from November 1st to November 30 you are writing your own story.
Most people who's blogs I read try for 50,000 words while people like me who don't think they could do that much instead of signing up for what I call the '50,000 words NaNo' I am going to sing up for the Young Writers program.

I've only done NaNo once before in 2009 when i was turning eleven the thing about November is that there is so much which I'll do that month.
We'll be celebrating Braedon's big 21st birthday sometime that month even though he's birthday's actually on the 29th of October.
My birthday is in November the 16th at noon is precisely when I was born almost fourteen years ago.
Saxon's birthday is also in November (its eleven days after my birthday) on the 27th.
November is also the month before Christmas and we start Advent on the 2nd of December. We like to decorate our house with lots of things and it is very pretty after that.
The St. Andrew Novena starts on the 30th of November which is a novena which you have to say 15 times a day! It gets pretty tiring after a while. :)
And the one other thing is this: Every year we make each other Christmas gifts to give to each other and these are sometimes very time consuming.

I've only finished four out of the sixteen I need to make so I really need to hurry. In 2009 I didn't manage to get all of my Christmas presents done because I was so busy with NaNo. I only had 5,000 words but I wrote them all down in a book and because I'm wasn't a very fast typer  (not that I'm super fast now but I am competent I think) so it took me a while.
I am trying to finish all of my Christmas presents to people before my birthday at the latest. I want to be able to enjoy advent and not be on Christmas Eve still knitting and getting a really sore thumb from rubbing the wool on it. I want to focus on Advent and the feast days therein and prepare for Christmas and not have the worry of finishing my presents to weigh me down because I myself am a person who can get stressed easily. If i can't finish the presents before November (which would be preferable) or before my birthday than I don' think I'll be able to keep up with NaNo

I am planning on having an hour a day to do my writing in and though I'm not sure what my word count will be I think it'll be something like 15-20,000 but you can go over your word count if you want.
The novel I am planning on writing is a Robin Hood novel. I am a HUGE Robin Hood fan and I've read several versions of Robin Hood's Adventures.

I am going to make it how I want to though, and not necessarily how the legends go. I think I'll also make Marian and Will Scarlet brother and sister and add in a couple of merry men who I'm going to make up. I'm not going to make Robin die at the end because that always makes me cry I think I'll just have him and Marian get married and that'll be the end.

So that is what I am going to be doing (hopefully) in November among other things and I myself have to agree that juggling this with school and all that other stuff is going to be difficult and I think I am absolutely crazy.
But we'll just have to see!
God Bless

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