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The Mainland.....AT LAST!!!!

So just so you know if you didn't follow the link to my Mum's blog on my blog post titled 'Change' than you need to know that we have moved and are now settled in Wagga Wagga. The copyright on some of the pictures are from Mum Mum's blog  'Cherished Hearts at Home' 
This is a narration of the first two days on the mainland and than I skip and choose which I days I'll 'sort of' narrate.
I'll start with the day before we left which was Thursday.
We had a pretty busy day on Thursday, Dad and Braedon flew down from Wagga that morning and caught the bus out of Launceston arriving at about 10 in the morning that didn't stop us from doing the  cleaning and mopping however :( It had to be done anyway.
We had Fr. John and Fr. Augustine to come over for dinner that night as it would be the last tine we would see them and be able to say goodbye
It was so enjoyable to have them both, and just being able to relax after having the last few days being really hectic where there was hardly any order at all plus, the fact that we got Dominoes pizza for dinner and so the dinner clean up was very minimal helped as well.
We chatted about different stuff before dinner and than Braedon took the little kids with him to pick up the pizza. They tried to take a short cut and got lost for a little while. :D
This is me, Dad, Moran and Trahaearn on the Spirit number two
Fr. John told us several funny stories and Fr. Augustine told a story too. Saxoin turned on the open fire and once Braedon got back, we had dinner in front of the fire, I might add and just before they left Fr. John said a prayer for our safe travel and good beginnings in Wagga.
It was actually really sad to see them go it was if finally after all our praying things were actually happening though it seemed hard to believe. After they left we got little kids in mattresses (becasue the movers had already taken the bed frames) and we did some more cleaning before finally sitting down with some chocolate and Milo and watching the

Avengers. Dad, Mum and Autumn went to bed and Saxon, Rogan, Eden and I, who survived off five hours sleep the next day stayed up until 2:00 AM the next morning watching it. Yes, we're crazy :D 'cause we're cool like that.

Friday was EXTREMELY hectic beacuse it was the day off our departure we had one last look around the house walking through it and took photos at the Wattle Tree outside
Me at the Wattle tree.
All of us walked onto the Spirit except for Dad and after getting on and going up two flights off escalators (I love escalators) found our cabins, waited for Dad, and than finally had dinner. We were still eating as the ship was coming out of the bay so we didn't actually go out and wave :(
After that we went and saw what was on at the little movies they have but it wasn't anything interesting   so Mum, Dad and Autumn got a coffee at one of the two café's on board and Rogan, Moran, Arwen and I had ice cold water which was for free.

We went out on deck before we went to our cabins quickly and mum snapped a shot
After that we all went to our cabins and none of us went to any of the ocean recliners AT ALL! They're horrible to sit and sleep on seeing as people with longer legs can't curl up conviently and they aren't very comfortable at all.
The little kids, Dad and mum went into one cabin (they were both next door to each other) and Braedon, Autumn, Eden, Saxon, Rogan and I went into the other cabin.
We joked around for a while about stuff which had me laughing really hard. (Braedon is good at making people laugh as is everyone else) And after doing that for a while we sat down (or lay down is a more exact word) and watched Father of the Bride on Autumn's laptop. Or at least, we tried to watch it but I couldn't see very well from where I was lying down and we didn't even finish it!
It was really hot in the cabin that night and at one point I was so hot I pulled off my blankets and than later on put them back on it was also hard to breathe (you could, it just felt compressed).

Saturday was a long day but very enjoyable :)
Yes, it is blurry
We came into the bay in Melbourne at around 5:30 am in the morning and hurriedly all got into the car.
Braedon, Myffwyn and Rogan walked off and caught a taxi to the airport to pick up Braedon's car we waited outside off Melbourne until they caught up to us and than it was off 
to McDonald's for breakfast.

After we had had breakfast we hurrried to get the stuff to entertain ourselves out of the trailer and into our respective cars. Mum, Dad, Eden, Me, Rogan, and Arwen for the first part of our journey up to Wagga Wagga (about 5 hours)
We turned on our 'Moving Playlist' a list of songs we had made combined from various artists and we set out.

I knitted in the car though I had various books and looked outside as we drove. It was nice to look outside at the countryside and I particularly liked driving along at 110 kilometres and hour and hundred at other times. I love speed! :D
We stopped once on the way to Wagga and than coming over the border we saw the Murray

It was more beautiful at the bridge and Dad kept on getting mixed up where exactly the border was!
Finally we were across the border and we had left Victoria (my home state) and entered NSW.

We finally got to Wagga and saw this sign

We had finally arrived! We than had to locate the house (This was about 2:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon) and the agent gave us the keys and we set out to look.
My favourite thing about the rented house we are living in now is the pool
The bedrooms are very small but the outside is the main attraction as well as the kitchen.
Braedon went out and grabbed chocolate cake (Braedon loves anything chocolate) and chips but his main reason was to get cat food for the 
This is Diamond. Rogan's cat he got for his birthday this year 
cats who had been in the car travelling along with us.
We went to Saturday night Mass at the cathedral (called St. Michaels) there was a a carved figure of St. Michael the archangel out the front.
The church set up was beautiful but they didn't have the tabernacle where it should have been and that ALWAYS annoys me. The priest talked way to fast and managed to add lots of 'um's' and 'ah's' to his sermon. There wasn't any servers and a woman went and got Jesus! 
That is the thing that irritates me the most and makes me feel exceedingly annoyed. 
The little kids were very tired and so Arwen wasn't too good at behaving because she was so tired.
After Mass we went to McDonalds and Mum and Dad got everyone a McFlurry. 
I chose chocolate. Chocolate is ALWAYS safe. they weren't as big as I though they would be (but than nothing chocolate ever is) and it was very cold that night as well.
I didn't think that they were that great but they were enjoyable and had nice crunchy stuff on top :)
We didn't have dinner that night because we'd had a Mcflurry that night. 

We didn't stay in our house that night but stayed in an motel which was really nice.
Sunday we had breakfast there the next morning and than set off on a stroll to explore Wagga.
It was fun being able to do that though as we'd had a busy last week it was a little tiring.
We went to several stores and got swimmers for everyone as we didn't have any swimmers at all!
After that we went to a park which was nearby and the little kids played on the playground. I played on the see-saw and than Rogan and I got permission to walk down to the river which was just at the edge of the playground.
Some of us went and got some noodles for the swimming pool and Braedon turned up at that time (he went back to his own flat) we had to get laundry done so he suggested that Mum and Dad go to the laundromat and he would take all of us over to his place and watch the Smurfs.

We decided that was a good idea and so Mum and Dad set off for the laundromat and we went to Braedon's place to watch the Smurfs. Braedon gave us each a cherry ripe bar while we watched the Smurfs.
We didn't get to finish the movie (because we were having dinner at the hotel) we did all enjoy it lots however and are still trying to finish it.

The dinner was nice at the hotel and Mum and I split two dinners one was beef Wellington (which I now love) and Monte Carlo Veal. I didn't like the veal that much because it was very sweet. We had sweets as well and than went back to our rooms to sleep.
Fast forwards to the next Saturday.
The next five days were spent unpacking and we went to the Botanical Gardens on the next Saturday we didn't see ALL of the gardens but we did see all the animal and bird parts and played on two different playgrounds.
We went to the library last friday and though its not very welcoming for little kids it is quite big and I managed to find the second book in 'The Mysterious Benedict Society series' called The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Jouney and I am really enjoying reading them!
Kynan and Geogie will be coming down on Saturday and staying until Monday night and as we haven't seen Kynan AT ALL since January we are going to celebrate his birthday while he's here.
We'll be celebrating and combining Bilbo's and Frodo's brithday's along with 75 years of the Hobbit which happens on fRiday and we'll celebrate on the Friday.

And now the other pictures. I'm not goint to comment on all of them but only a few.

Arwen fell asleep in the car with her water bottle in her mouth.

This is my gorgeous littlest brother Trahaearn who s now walking around all the time!

Yep that's me again! I had to try out the swings. I do it in most playgrounds. :)

This is me and Eden at the Botanical gardens. As you can see we weren't watching Mum as she just snapped this photo.

Kangaroo's. There aren't ANy Kangaroos in Tasmania so it was nice to finally see them again 

Me with Rogan we even named these three donkeys as we patted them but I domn't remeber rhe names

Aren't these birds cute?

See what I mean by walking around all the time?! 

The stupid cow wouldn't get up! I was rather disappointed 'cause I wanted to pat it.

Portrait: The veuw from my front door step .:) Lake Albert . It's pretty huh?
The view from our yard. That is lake Albert.

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting but I've been really busy!
Thank you everyone who read this post to the end if you did than you are awesome and anyway I'm pretty sure this is the longest post I have EVER written!
I'll post soon. It's a bit more difficult as we've started our school again after our 'moving break' :D
Thank you Jesus for all you have given me and my family!

God Bless


  1. How did you watch The Avengers? It does come out on DVD until week in America. Or is it that it was released sooner in the UK. I want to see it again so much! :D


  2. it came out on the 29th of August here in Australia, James.
    We've already watched it twice. :D

  3. @Vellvin: Ops, I ment Australia. Thanks for telling! I'm really jealous now. :D


  4. :D I can tell.
    It's nice to get something before everyone else does but I also know how hard it is to wait if someone else is going on about it. ;)



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