Thursday, 4 October 2012

It was coming.....

It started on last Wednesday over dinner.
"So Braedon, you coming over for dinner tomorrow night?"
"Nope, I'm going to pick up Anna-Lisa from the train station and than we're going out to dinner."
"Oh, where to?"
"The most expensive restaurant in town." Braedon grins "We're going to have the entrees, main meal, sweets and coffee!" "Wow!" Exclaims Mum.

Friday morning while eating breakfast Autumn said "Hey, lets ring Braedon and see when they are going to come over." 'Okay!" We all reply enthusiastically and Mum rings his phone.
Braedon picks it up and Mum talks to him. She hangs up.

"So are they coming over?" We all ask excitedly "No," Says Mum "They want to wait until Dad comes home and than come over." "U-huhhh" We all say knowingly, our expressions are smug. "Oh, I know what that means!" Says Myffwyn and starts playing on an organ. "The most expensive restaurant " We all begin to murmur. "You know," says Rogan "If you aren't right you are going to feel pretty stupid." "If I am wrong," Says Autumn "And I am never wrong, there will be great suffering in Tolland(which is the district of town Braedon lives in), if they do not come tonight."

The day passed very slowly and we couldn't wait for Dad to come home from work.
Finally Dad did come home and would you believe Braedon and Anna-Lisa just walked through the door without us noticing that they had turned up then we all appeared and looked on expectantly....
Mum walked up and gave Braedon a hug and Anna-Lisa too. She was actually trying to see why Anna-Lisa's right arm was wrapped so securely around Braedon's back.

"All right," says Braedon smiling happily "Last night I asked Anna-Lisa to marry me and she said yes." We all smiled than one after the other came over gave both Anna-Lisa and Braedon a hug each and saying congratulations.

We were all happy and Mum and Dad went out and got none alcoholic drink and two cakes from Woolworth and after dinner we had them toasting Anna-Lisa and Braedon.

Anna-Lisa told us that she wanted her brides maids to be Autumn, Eden and me!! We all accepted
She asked Chrissy who is her older sister to be her Maid of Honour and Nellie her younger sister to be a brides maid as well. Braedon asked Kynan to be his Best Man and he accepted and Rogan and Saxon were asked to be Groomsmen. Joseph who is Anna's big brother was also asked.

This is the park where Braedon proposed to Anna-Lisa. It is a really nice park.

This is a picture of Braedon and Anna-Lisa if you look closely you can see Anna's ring.
The Wedding is set for sometime in November 2013 but as yet, a certain date has not been determined but when is comes I know that it will be very special and I shall have another sister.
This is Braedon and Anna-Lisa in 2010 the year they met

Congratulations Braedon and Anna-Lisa!!! :)

God Bless


  1. That's so wonderful!!! Congrats to your brother and his fiance!

  2. Aw! How darling and sweet! So very exciting! Thank you for sharing and congratulations! :D


  3. @Arda yes it is. We are very happy :)
    @Jessica, Yes, it was very darling. It is so exciting I agree!


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